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Use Glitter Paint to Transform Your Space

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Use Glitter Paint to Transform Your Space

Glitter Paint that Truly Sparkles

At Meoded Paint and Plaster, we created a glitter paint that’s called Crystal Brush. Crystal Brush has turned into one of our more popular items. The popular glitter paint is used to transform interior surfaces by helping them glisten and sparkle. We created Crystal Brush to provide people with a unique paint that can be used for any interior space or surface. Crystal Brush is supplied in White, Silver, Brown, Gold, Red, Blue, and Smoked Black bases from which custom colors can be created. Additional glitters in different colors can be added in small amounts to create even more unique finishes.
The customer reaction from this glitter paint has been overwhelming. In fact, we’ve even had designers use Crystal Brush as the base for their wallpaper, creating a mesmerizing concoction for those looking for wallpaper designs as opposed to paint. Whether Crystal Brush is used as part of a designer’s wallpaper series, or you’re using it to paint interior surfaces, the glitter paint creates an elegant look. Crystal Brush has even been included in local hotels and shops, updating surfaces from boring paints to a paint that truly sparkles.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in using Crystal Brush for your next interior project, here are a few tips about application.
• Using a high-quality brush, apply two coats in a cross-hatch pattern to produce an organic look and variation of a glittery, metallic effect.
• Depending on surface texture, porosity, and method and concentration of application, Crystal Brush will cover approximately 100 to 160 sq. ft. per gallon with two coats.
• Recoat time is a minimum of 2-3 hours dries to touch in 4 hours.
• Full cure can take up to 7 days, depending on conditions (mixture proportions, strength, weather conditions). For a full list of application methods, including cleanup and handling and storage click here.
Shop online today or stop by our Los Angeles flagship store and showroom at 6314 Santa Monica Boulevard to see firsthand what Crystal Brush can do to your space.

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