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Cassiopeia FlakesCassiopeia Glass Flakes
Cassiopeia Flakes
Cassiopeia Glass Flakes

Cassiopeia Flakes


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Cassiopeia Flakes Product Guide

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Product Description


Cassiopeia Flakes is clear crushed glass flakes sprayed over a heavy-bodied acrylic base. The Cassiopeia Flakes system is composed of Cassio-Base which serves as the bonding agent, and a mixture of clear crushed glass flakes and colored glitters that are sprayed over it. Cassiopeia finish is available in any color and offers an innovative effect that creates an illusion of space, light, and colors.


Use eye protection and breathing apparatus when spraying the Cassiopeia Flakes. Keep away from children. Material can be harmful if swallowed. If the product causes any type of reaction, see a physician immediately.



  • Apply one coat of Cassiopeia Base with a delicate roller and wait until fully cured.
  • Apply a second coat of Cassiopeia Base with a thicker roller. The thickness of that should be 1 kg/m2. When the substance is still wet, spray the glitter and glass flakes on the wall until a complete and uniform appearance is obtained (300-400 gr. of flakes / m2).
  • After the wall is dry, go over it with a brush to remove loose flakes
  • PLC Lacquer can be applied to the entire surface.

Surface Preparation:

Apply PVA primer.


Cassiopeia Base colors are shaded in accordance with any color fan, with roller or compressor spraying. The glitter and glass flakes are to be applied with spray gun with an aperture (nozzle) at least 4mm wide (in order to enable the glass flakes to exit). The most attractive appearance is obtained when background is dark and the glass flakes sparkle on it in a wide range of colors.Cassiopeia base color are tintable in accordance whit any paint manufacturer color fan deck.

Expert Recommendation:

Practice the spraying technique on a small area before starting the project. Cover the floor with clean polyethylene sheeting and collect the glitter and glass flakes that drop, for reuse.


Lighting plays a decisive role in the final appearance. We recommend spotlights illumination at a distance of three meters, in order to obtain a splendid look.



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