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Color Your World With Meoded Paint & Plaster

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Color Your World With Meoded Paint & Plaster

Colors are used for more than simply making things seem pretty and inspiring artistic expression. In fact, psychological research shows that colors have a profound influence on mental health and have a substantial impact on people’s moods and emotions. 

While you can’t do much to make stress disappear, you can take note of your mental health and do everything you can to be positive and happy. Our homes are our safe place, so why not create a sanctuary of peace and dispel all stress through the use of color? 

At Meoded Paint and Plaster, all our fabulous products come in a selection of colors. Almost all of our decorative paint and lime plaster products can be mixed with standard colorants to achieve any desired color. The only exception to this is our Golmex Concrete Plaster. 

We have also developed finish coats, such as waxes, sealers, and faux finish glazes, to protect our products and enhance their beauty. 

Here’s how to utilize paint colors to relieve stress and despair when isolated and spending more time at home.

Combat Stress With Color

The bedroom is generally a space for you to feel comfortable and relaxed, which is why blue colors are so popular in this area. 

At times of high stress and anxiety, blue hues can help you feel more at ease and peaceful. While you’re stuck at home, try painting the walls of your bedroom a deep blue to help you relax and sleep better.

Blue is also a popular bathroom color since it can morph a bathroom into a spa-like setting to satiate you until you can arrange a treatment at your favorite local spa. Consider a soothing blue-green with a white accent for a real spa feeling.

Combat Stress With Color

Using Color to Lift Depression 

A positive attitude and resilience to depressive episodes are extra benefits of surrounding yourself with uplifting colors. Bright colors that remind you of the warmth of a fire or the beauty of a sunset are excellent for combating depression and reminding you of all that is beautiful in the world.

For instance, red is associated with love and excitement, orange with enthusiastic energy, yellow with friendship, and pink with compassion and romance. Maybe paint an accent wall in your kitchen or living room with one of these bold colors to lift your spirits and help you see the sunny side of life. 

For those eager to play with color, we recommend chatting with one of our paint experts, who can advise and help with your color choices. Let us know if you need to match any color from Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and other fan decks!

Using Color to Lift Depression

The Relationship Between Color and Productivity

With so many individuals working remotely from home, many people are under pressure to be extra productive.

Getting motivated with your career, homeschooling the kids, creative projects, and other pursuits can be tough if you feel frazzled, burned out, or negative. 

Use a purplish color on the walls to feel more spiritual in rooms where you want to be more productive, such as a home office or craft room, or brown paint color to feel strong, safe, and secure.

Additional Color Therapy Strategies

Color has been employed as a form of therapy since ancient times due to its natural healing properties. When you feel like the world is spinning out of control, green wall paint and other earthy tones can help you feel more grounded and connected to nature. 

On the other hand, red paint has been shown to excite the mind and body, while orange has been shown to provide a welcome burst of energy.

To determine which colors benefit you the most, experiment with surrounding yourself with different colored objects and fabrics to see how they make you feel. This may help you to make a better decision about choosing a new interior wall paint color that will create a more positive environment.

Additional Color Therapy Strategies

Let Meoded Help You Transform Your Living Space With Color

There’s never a wrong time to start a new home improvement project and make changes to your living space to benefit your physical and emotional well-being. At Meoded, we take your health and safety very seriously. 

It is important that we provide our clients with a healthy living environment by using eco-friendly products that protect the environment around all of us. 

All our paints and plasters are made with non-toxic ingredients and are environmentally friendly. We are not only incredibly proud of the fact that we offer “green” goods, but we are also the only company in the United States that produces authentically lime-based paste plasters with zero VOCs. 

All Meoded products come in a variety of stunning colors that are sure to create a haven of positivity and happiness.

Our paint and plaster specialists are committed to making your home renovation project a little easier by always offering the best products and services. If you want a first-hand look at how to use and apply any of our products, check out our Instagram page. You can also head over to our Youtube channel for handy how-to tips and tricks.

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