Sherwin-Williams Paint Store

Sherwin-Williams Paint Store is an American icon. This establishment has been operating since 1866. From humble beginnings during the post-civil war era, the company now has thousands of stores all across the United States.

Every store delivers an unparalleled world-class experience. Their Los Angeles store is no exception. At this location, you can explore all the exterior paint & coatings you need for any surface. Sherwin-Williams combines sophisticated color aesthetics together with advanced substance composition to ensure that your exterior paints will age gracefully over time.

As the true experts of exterior paint, Sherwin-Williams is dedicated to providing premium quality coatings designed to protect and beautify any surface. Whether it be galvanized steel, aluminum siding or a composition board, find the right coating that will help you achieve project perfection.

1790 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024
+1 310-481-0613