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How to Apply Suede Paint

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How to Apply Suede Paint

When it comes to painting walls in a room that you want to stand out or become a highlight of the space, many different paints can be used. Suede is one of these paints; it offers a textured finish with fasciculated aggregates that distinctly reflect light to provide depth and dimension to a room.

Why Should You Choose Suede Metallic Paint?

Due to its connection with elegance and glamor, suede is most often displayed in rich jewel tones.

Suede metallic paints are available in several hues and may be used to create:

  • An accent: In addition to adding a spot of color, suede paint also delivers texture and contrast to a space.
  • Imaginative ideas: Bright-colored suede paints, such as reds, yellows, or pinks, can create a sense of fun in a playroom or child’s bedroom via color pops.

If you’ve been thinking about incorporating a suede effect into your decor, now is the time! Suede is available in every color and effortlessly adapts to various design styles. It is ideal for bedrooms, offices, and living spaces.

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How to Apply Suede Paint

You may select your suede finish using one of three techniques:.

  • Regular technique produces a velvety suede appearance with a bright metallic sheen.
  • Line technique utilizes either a horizontal or vertical motion.
  • Use the “circles method” for a silky option with plenty of movement.

We recommend  using our Pearlas Velvet for the best results.

Regular Technique

  • Apply a suitable primer for the substrate and/or a flat paint, to a very smooth level five surface.
  • Once the second base coat is entirely dry, use a trowel to apply the suede paint a small amount at a time in a sweeping s-shaped motion.
  • Because the suede paint is somewhat transparent, you must pick a base color similar to it.
  • Let the first coat of paint dry for at least six hours.
  • After the first coat of suede paint has dried fully, apply the second coat and cover the surface with s patterns and figure-eight movements.

When you move your hand over the suede, the material moves with you; the same applies here—the amount of movement you use with the trowel is up to you.

Lines Technique

  • Begin with your primer/flat paint base coat and one layer of Suede paint.
  • Apply a small amount of suede paint using a trowel to the surface in either an up-and-down vertical motion or a side-to-side horizontal motion, depending on how you want the lines to run.
  • Because the paint dries quickly, apply a small section at a time. Go back and drag the trowel down lengthwise, dragging the paint into a rougher texture.
  • Return with the trowel before it dries, holding it horizontally and smoothing the surface with the same line pattern.

Circles Technique

  • Begin with your primer/flat paint and the first coat of suede paint.
  • After the first coat has dried, apply a second coat in a thin layer throughout the surface. Using a trowel. Work in a square yard section free of imperfections 
  • After you’ve covered a square yard, go back and create circles with a lightly damp trowel. Make circles all over the surface.
  • Next, go back and softly smooth out the circles with the trowel, being careful not to push too hard.

Suede circles provide a rich, velvety choice with a lot of movement but the same lovely metallic shine.

Pearlas Velvet Suede Paint (1)

Create a Luxurious Suede Finish With Meoded’s Pearlas Velvet

Pearlas Velvet by Meoded is a low VOC decorative metallic paint with a suede metallic finish for interior applications. Pearlas Velvet’s metallic pigments and fine resins are designed to offer a gorgeous and sumptuous finish by combining the appearance of iridescent paint with the feel of a soft, rich texture.

Plan your project’s plan and design and seek expert help. Meoded’s skilled and experienced staff can assist you with your Velvet Suede Metallic Paint, whether you’re looking for inspiration or guidance.

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