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Lime Plasters

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Our Lime Plasters are easy to use, eco friendly, authentic, lime-based, zero VOC liquid plasters. We have four types of Lime Plasters: Stucco Lamundo, Tonachino Firenze, Marmorino Tintoretto, and Marmorino Palladino. Stucco Lamundo is an indoor Venetian plaster that features easy application and exceptional durability. The tint-able paste produces a highly polished, marble-like finish on most interior surfaces. The Marmorino Tintoretto is a flat finish Venetian plaster suitable for interior and exterior applications. Our Tonachino Firenze Lime Plaster is a Venetian plaster that has an authentic “Old World” sand finish. Marmorino Palladino has a large marble grain and is best for creating stone and other creative finishes.

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