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Water Block

Water Block Sealer


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Water Block: Invisible Penetrating Water Repellent Masonry Sealer

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before use on a job, thoroughly test this product on a sample to assure performance and appearance. Use only in well ventilated areas. Immediately remove pools or puddles were over application has occurred.


Surface Preparation:

Surface must be completely clean and dry to the touch. Remove all dirt, wax, old paints or sealers with appropriate cleaner, chemical stripper or abrasive blasting. For dirt and oily deposits use GST Pro-Grade Cleaner. If muriatic acid has been used the surface must be flushed with clean water and neutralized with a pH neutralizer. After cleaning, allow surface to dry 24 hours prior to sealer application. Allow new concrete to cure for at least 28 days before application.


Water Block can be applied with a sponge, brush, roller, or low pressure type spray equipment. For small areas, a pump-up garden sprayer is a convenient tool for application. Do not use power or high pressure sprayers. One heavy coat will seal and protect the applied surface. If a second coat is necessary due to extreme porosity, apply as soon as the first coat is dry to the touch. Back roll or back brush any pooling.

Brush: synthetic bristle brush

Roller: 3/8″ nap roller

Low Pressure Sprayer

Porous Surfaces: (pavers, brick, flagstone, Mexican clay tile, etc.) Apply one heavy, even coat. Preferably using a clean brush, sponge or pump up sprayer. Immediately remove pools or puddles where over application has occurred. Allow 24 hours for product to dry and cure before using surface.

Dense Surfaces: (concrete, slate, stone, concrete tile, etc.) One light to moderate coat supplies complete protection. More than one coat for dense surfaces is not recommended.

Vertical surfaces: Work within ten foot horizontal field by starting at the top and work down while keeping a wet edge at all times. Then move on to the next ten foot wide field. Avoid runs and heavy overlapping.

Application Caution:

Do not allow product to come in contact with glass, aluminum or glossy painted surfaces like cars and bikes. Cover all plants, trees, grasses and shrubs to protect them from over spray. If over spray occurs, wash off with water immediately. Mask areas that may be affected by over spray. Do not apply Water Block during inclement weather or in direct sunlight when temperature exceeds 80°F. Application to a damp surface or incompletely cured concrete may cause inadequate protection. For proper curing, air and surface temperature should be between 50° and 80°F for 24 hours following application.



Porous Surfaces: 100 – 200 sq.ft./gal (flagstone, Mexican clay tile, paver brick, etc.)

Dense Surfaces: 400 – 800 sq.ft./gal (slate, stone, limestone, etc.)

For exact coverage rates, a measured quantity to proper saturation over a known area will provide a square foot coverage rate for a specific job.


Dry Schedule:

Dry Time: 30 mins to 3 hrs.

Rainproof: 48-72 hrs.

Cure Time: 4-7 days

Water Penetration Test: Drop a small amount of water on the sealed surface. If water penetration occurs or if water does not bead up on the surface, the application of additional sealer is required.


Soap and water

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