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The Benefits of Lime Plasters

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The Benefits of Lime Plasters

Lime plaster is one of those types of plasters that were invented centuries ago, but are still in use just as much as they were in the past. This type of plaster is composed of sand, lime, and water allowing the plaster to breathe in humid areas due to its natural components. The many benefits of lime plaster is why it is still used everywhere throughout the world. Interested in learning more about lime plasters and the benefits they have? We’ve got all the details that you could need here.

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What are lime plasters?

As the name suggests, lime plasters are plasters that are lime-based unlike acrylic based plasters. The oldest known use of lime plasters dates back as far as 7200 B.C. at ‘Ain Ghazal where it was used in the form of layers applied on the walls of buildings. The time required for lime plaster to cure can be reduced with the help of hydraulic lime and ash.

Why are lime plasters so popular?

Lime plaster has a number of different benefits which is why it is so popular. This type of plaster also has several different applications which makes it suitable for use in various different types of weather conditions. Overtime, synthetic plasters get weaker on the wall therefore leading to cracking. While synthetic plasters harm the environment, they also capture humidity and mold causing the plaster to crack and peel. On the contrary, lime plasters only get stronger once applied on a wall since the lime serves as a glue assistant.

One of the major reasons why lime plaster is so popular is the fact that it is one of the few types of plaster that are breathable. Since moisture stuck inside walls can pose a lot of risks and can weaken the structure of the building, this vapor permeable type of plaster is extremely important and useful especially in areas with high humidity. Breathability of lime plasters is the primary reason why it is also used very commonly in bathrooms.

The eco-friendly nature of lime plasters is another reason why they are so popular. Since the plaster is made out of completely natural ingredients, you can use the plaster as you wish without the guilt of contributing to your carbon footprint. Lime based plasters are, therefore, extremely popular among people who are concerned about the environment and are on a mission to reduce their carbon footprint. All of Meoded’s plasters contain zero VOC and are completely “Go-Green!”

In addition to all of the benefits and advantages mentioned above, lime plasters also provide beautiful finishes to any wall or building that they are applied to. This is due to the fact that light is refracted twice on the calcite crystals present inside lime plasters making the final look much more lustrous and appealing than the finished look that other synthetic plasters give. Lime plasters are also very easy to work with and have soft binding properties that make them a popular option among people who are trying to give their homes and buildings a fresh new look.

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