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Venetian Plaster

What is Venetian plaster?
Venetian Plaster, also known as polished lime plaster, is a paste made from limestone, marble dust, and other minerals. Generally, Venetian Plaster is used to create a smooth, highly polished, marble-like finish in any desired color. Due to Venetian Plaster’s composition, after proper application, the paste reverts back into natural limestone and becomes more durable over time.
What is the difference between plaster and Venetian plaster?
What differentiates Venetian Plaster from other plasters is that it is ready to use, no need for addition of water. Its composition of lime and marble dust enhances the product’s durability while decreasing the chances of cracking. Unlike most plasters, Venetian Plaster is very breathable, can withstand humidity, and is mould/mildew resistant due to its high PH level.
Is Venetian plaster any good?
Venetian plaster is exceptionally durable and known to outlive any painted finish by many years. Not only does Venetian Plaster make a statement, but it is very low maintenance, mould/mildew resistant, and breathable. With proper care, Venetian Plaster can last a lifetime.
How much does it cost to do Venetian plaster?
Venetian plaster typically costs between $0.60 to $1.20 per sq ft for material. Labor ranges between $6-15 per sq ft.
Does Venetian plaster crack?

Venetian plaster is more likely to crack in older homes where there is movement or stress. If the base coat isn’t given enough time to properly cure, then minimal spider cracks may appear.

Is Venetian plaster cheaper than tiles?
Yes, Venetian Plaster is cheaper than tile! Venetian Plaster plus installation should cost roughly $12 per sq. ft. total. Depending on the type of tile, material and installation can range from $15-$20 per sq ft. Venetian Plaster is more cost effective and provides a beautiful polished finish!
Can Venetian plaster be used in a shower?
Venetian Plaster is very suitable for wet and humid areas, but it is not recommended in showers or locations with constant contact with water. Venetian Plaster is very breathable and can be applied on walls near a shower, whilst withstanding all the steam and minimal contact with water. Meoded Concretta FS is a more coarse and water resistant plaster than Venetian, perfectly suited for showers and wet locations.
Do you need to seal Venetian plaster?
No, you do not need to seal Venetian Plaster but it is recommended. Natural lime plasters are very absorbing, and a sealer or wax will make the finish more washable, water-repellent, protect from stains, and make it effortless to clean.
Does Venetian plaster go over drywall?
Yes, it does, but the wall needs to be a level 5 smooth finish. Before applying Venetian Plaster, it is recommended to apply Quartz Primer, a primer for Venetian Plaster.

Metallic paint

What is metallic paint used for?
Metallic Paint is used to add a touch of glamour and depth of color to walls, furniture, metal, and home decor. Metallic Paints can be used on accent walls, moldings, trims, doorframes, and other architectural details to provide a variety of sophisticated effects.
What is the difference between normal paint and metallic paint?
Metallic Paints are made with fine mica powders which provide a beautiful metallic satin sheen. Normal paints come in different sheens besides metallic.
What type of paint is metallic?
Meoded Sapphire Metallic is a unique Low VOC pearlescent paint that gives walls, metal, trim, furniture or any other paintable surface a rich, opulent look of shimmering satin. Its water-based formulation allows for easy application and exceptional durability. It can be applied interior/exterior and is tintable to any color. Application consists of two coats, which can be applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer.
Which metallic paint is best?
Sapphire Metallic Paint is an 100% acrylic water-based paint that contains high quality mica powders designed to produce a reflective, sparkly, or shimmering effect on any surface its applied to. Metallic Paints are safer to use indoors and outdoors due to its environmentally friendly and non-toxic composition. It has a low odor and is simple to clean using just soap and water.
How do you paint metallic paint?

To receive the most elegant finish, spraying the Metallic Paint with an HVLP sprayer will provide the most uniformed surface with no marks. Metallic Paint can also be brushed or rolled on, but minimal brush and roller marks will be noticeable. For a more detailed instructional understanding, watch Meoded’s Sapphire Metallic Paint Application Video.

Glitter paint

Does putting glitter in paint work?
Yes you can insert glitter in paint, however the glitter won’t spread uniformly in the can, and the finish will only have a minimal amount of sparkles. The glitter may not adhere well to the paint and may eventually flake off the surface. To receive a glittery finish, products such as Meoded Crystal Brush Glitter Paint will provide a considerable amount of sparkle to any surface.
What is the best paint glitter?
Meoded Paint is well-known for its high quality Crystal Brush Glitter Paint. It is a premium water-based glitter paint with fine glitter particles that gives paint surfaces a glittering, shimmering appearance. Crystal Brush contains low VOC, low odor, and is simple to clean up with soap and water, making it a safer and greener alternative to many other kinds of glitter paint. Moreover, it can be tinted to any color one desires.
What is glitter paint used for?
Glitter Paint is used to highlight any wall surface by providing a sparkle and shimmer feature. Walls, furniture, and ceilings can all benefit from the sparkly touch that Glitter Paint provides. Glitter Paint can also be used for a variety of craft projects, including painting picture frames, creating ornaments and decorations, or incorporating sparkles into DIY projects.
How do you do glitter paint?

The “cross hatch” technique can be used to apply Glitter Paint; it will uniformly distribute the glitter on the surface and produce few, exquisite brush strokes. Use an HVLP sprayer with a size 4 tip for spraying applications to uniformly distribute the paint on the wall and achieve a consistent finish free of brush marks. Since the glitter will not be distributed equally, rolling on Glitter Paint is not advised. For a more detailed instructional understanding, watch Meoded’s Crystal Brush Paint Application Video.

Can you use a roller with glitter paint?
It is not advised to use a roller to apply glitter paint since it is difficult to distribute the glitter uniformly. If a roller is required, use a fine nap roller and roll up, down, and side to side to spread the glitter as evenly as you can.

Concrete plaster

What is concrete plaster?
Golmex (concrete plaster) is a high-quality Portland cement composed of lime, graded silica sand, and admixtures to create the appearance of polished concrete finish on interior and exterior wall surfaces. With just a two coat technique, Golmex (concrete plaster) can enhance any wall surface to appear like natural concrete.
What is cement plaster used for?
Cement plaster is used as a decorative feature on interior and exterior walls creating an elegant accent feature of polished concrete. Cement Plaster maintains a uniform, smooth, clean, durable surface and can also be applied in a variety of textures.
How do you apply cement plaster?

Meoded Golmex Concrete Plaster should be applied by adding 15–18% of the material’s weight in water and mixing as necessary. Apply the first coat, then allow the plaster to dry for at least 12-24 hours. To achieve a smooth finish, apply a second layer and burnish. Before using the proper sealer, give the plaster at least 72 hours to cure. For a more detailed instructional understanding, watch Meoded’s Golmex Concrete Plaster Application Video.

How long does it take for cement plaster to dry?
Cement plaster’s drying time can change depending on the plaster’s thickness, temperature, humidity, and ventilation. Each layer of cement plaster typically dries in 24 hours. For optimum hydration, the ideal drying time for cement plaster is 28 days for complete curing. If you do not obtain such time, wait at least 72 hours after applying the final layer before using the proper sealer. If painting over cement plaster is desired, allow at least 7 days to pass after the last layer has been applied.

Decorative paint

What is decorative paint?
Decorative Paint is a type of paint used to transform the appearance of any surface to an accent feature. These paints beautify the appearance of walls or ceilings enhancing the elegance of any room. Decorative paints range from Metallic Paints, Glitter Paints, Suede Paints and more!
Which paints are used as a decorative finish?
Meoded Sapphire Metallic Paint is used to add a metallic shimer to any wall or surface creating the appearance of polished metal through light reflections. Glitter paints such as Meoded Crystal Brush provides a sparkling decorative flare to any space with a swoosh of a brush. Meoded Pearlas Velvet is used to produce the look of soft suede fabric exhibiting two or more colors when reflected in various lights.
Which paint is best for home decor?
Depending on the accent feature you’re seeking. Any wall or surface can be given a metallic sheen to give the appearance of polished metal through light reflections by using Meoded Sapphire Metallic Paint. With a stroke of the brush, glitter paints like Meoded Crystal Brush add a sparkly decorative flair to any area. Meoded Pearlas Velvet is used to create the appearance of soft suede fabric that reflects two or more colors depending on the light source.

Marmorino plaster

What is Marmorino plaster?
Marmorino Palladino is a genuine, mineral authentic lime-based plaster, which can be used as an interior and exterior decorative wall finish. It produces the authentic Italian textures including contemporary smooth finish, distressed marble-like finish, and various natural stone looks. It only requires two layers and can be tinted to any color!
What is the difference between Marmorino and Venetian plaster?
Marmorino and Venetain Plaster are both plasters comprised of lime with immense durability. Marmorino uses a larger stone aggregate giving it a heavier body allowing various textures to be designed as well as a matte smooth finish. Venetian Plaster is extremely smooth with glossy movement creating the illusion of depth and color variation due to its fine aggregate.
Is Marmorino plaster waterproof?
Marmorino’s natural composition makes it water/mildew resistant, very suitable for wet and humid areas, but not waterproof. Marmorino Plaster is very breathable and with the appropriate sealer can withstand water and steam, but is not recommended in locations such as showers. Concretta FS is a more coarse and water resistant plaster than Marmorino, perfectly suited for showers and wet locations.
How do you use Marmorino plaster?

Marmorino Palladino should be applied thinly and evenly on the entire wall, allowing 24 hours for the first coat to dry. The second layer is applied a bit thicker and can be smoothed with movement or texturized to many different finishes. For more inspiration and creativity on Marmorino finishes, watch Meoded’s  Marmorino Palladino Application Video.

Lime Wash

Do I need to prime before applying Lime Wash?
No, not on every surface. Lime Wash can be applied directly over raw masonry surfaces like brick, cement and stucco. For interior finishes over new or existing surfaces, it is recommend to prime with Meoded Lime Wash Base Coat.
Is Lime Wash for interior and exterior use?
Yes, Meoded Lime Wash can be applied on both interior and exterior surfaces. It is recommended to apply a sealer for added washability and cleanability.
How do I apply Lime Wash?
Lime Wash is meant to be applied with a brush. Meoded Lime Wash is formulated to easily achieve a matte, mottled finish with a soft touch using a two coat brush application.
Do I need to seal Lime Wash?
Lime Wash is a breathable and absorbing product, therefore it is recommended to seal with Meoded’s natural look sealer for better washability and cleanability.

Suede Paint

What is suede paint?
Suede paint is distinct from other paint kinds in terms of both appearance and application. Suede paints must be applied using a trowel or spatula rather than a roller if you want to get the well-known suede look. Using a stainless steel trowel, the paint is applied in various directions to achieve color and movement variation. For a more detailed instructional understanding, watch Meoded’s Pearlas Velvet Suede Paint Application Video –
Can you use roller on suede paint?
Suede paint is distinct from other paint kinds in terms of both appearance and application. Suede paints must be applied using a trowel or spatula rather than a roller if you want to get the well-known suede look. Using a stainless steel trowel, the paint is applied in various directions to achieve color and movement variation. For a more detailed instructional understanding, watch Meoded’s Pearlas Velvet Suede Paint Application Video –
How do you paint a wall to look like velvet?

You first need a suede paint that creates the look of a soft velvet finish. To achieve color and movement variations, the paint is applied using a stainless steel trowel or spatula in a wide range of directions. Watch Meoded’s Pearlas Velvet Suede Paint Application Video to visually see a suede paints application.

Which velvet paint is best?
Meoded Pearlas Velvet Suede Paint is a high-end, incredibly resilient, and washable emulsion paint with a metallic sheen that gives surfaces the appearance of soft suede-colored Venetian plaster. Its two-step application can be completed in a single day, it comes in any color you prefer, it doesn’t require a sealant, and can be cleaned with simply soap and water.

Lime Plaster

What is lime plaster used for?
Lime plaster is used to create authentic Italian textures including contemporary smooth finish, distressed marble-like finish, and various natural stone looks. Lime Plasters stand the test of time due to its admixtures of limestone and marble dust. These products are used to create beautiful interior and exterior wall features that are much more resistant to cracking and peeling in comparison to regular plasters.
How long does lime plaster last?
With the right maintenance, Lime plaster can last the test of time. Once applied properly, the material reverts back to its natural form of limestone, becoming more durable and even life-lasting. See the extensive collection of lime plasters offered by Meoded.
Does lime plaster stop damp?
Yes, Lime Plasters stop dampness! Lime Plasters are a breathable material meaning the air can escape through it unlike acrylic plasters. Once moisture forms within the Lime Plasters it escapes preventing damp issues or mold. Due to lime’s high PH, it is also mold and mildew resistant.
Can I paint over lime plaster?
Yes you can paint over Lime Plaster. First, lightly sand the wall with 150 grit sandpaper, clean the dust, and apply a multi-purpose primer. Then apply any paint on top.
How do you maintain lime plaster?
Lime plasters require little maintenance due to their durability. If the material is properly applied with a sealer or wax, most dirt marks can be removed with water and a sponge. If there is a large stain, lightly sand the surface and re-apply the sealer. If no sealer was applied, you will need to lightly sand the surface, clean the dust, and replaster a thin coat.
What is the difference between lime plaster and gypsum plaster?
Gypsum plaster sets rapidly by crystallizing, once applied it is very strong and becomes more fragile over time leading to cracks and peeling. Lime Plasters set slowly by absorbing carbon dioxide, over time the product hardens and reverts back to its natural form of limestone enhancing its durability. Lime plasters add a beautiful element to any wall while also lasting longer over time.
Can you patch repair lime plaster?
Lime Plasters can be repaired by lightly sanding before and after the patch is repaired.


What makes Meoded different from other companies?
Meoded, a Los Angeles based manufacturer of decorative wall finishes, offers a range of products including lime-based plasters, concrete plasters, waterproof plasters, and decorative paints. With all plasters containing Zero VOC and decorative paints having low VOC levels, Meoded’s entire line of products is green and environmentally friendly. Customers can avoid long shipment delays and high shipping expenses thanks to Meoded’s network of distributors across the country.
Where are Meoded products made?
Meoded is based in Los Angeles, California and manufactures all of its products in-house.
Can you match any color?
All Meoded products can be tinted to any color requested. Meoded will match the color if it is from a specific swatch to any major company’s fandecks.
How can I purchase your products?

Meoded distribtues their products through many dealers nationwide. Visit our dealer directory page to find the nearest Meoded dealer near you! For any further questions, please reach out to us at

Can I get samples or larger drawdowns?

Meoded offers samples and drawdowns of all of their products. For custom colors and finishes, please reach us at

How much is shipping? How quickly can I get things shipped?
Shipping cost varies by weight and location. Typically shipments within California, NV, AZ and OR will take 2 days. East Coast shipments can take up to 5-6 days, depending on the shipment type requested. For example, shipping one quart or one gallon can cost between $13-$35 on average via UPS/Fedex ground.
What are the toxicity levels of your products?
All Meoded products are eco-friendly and range between Zero VOC to Low VOC. SDS and TDS sheets are available for review on our website.