Meoded Paint & Plaster

Meoded Showroom

Dedicated to the Art of Decorative Wall Finishes

Our world-class interior design showroom is a visual trip through the art of decorative paints and plasters. Located on the second floor of our store and open to the public, you will find many unique one-of-a-kind finishes of our paint and plaster products. We have a spacious private room where we invite interior decorators to schedule meetings with clients. The beautifully finished wall samples featured in our showroom, along with our intimate meeting rooms are an inspiration to our customers. The interior design showroom features the latest decorative finish displays, wall coverings, and 3D wall panels. Our design showroom is beautifully appointed with wall sized samples of our lime-based plasters, concrete, metallic, and glitter products. Making it easy for customers to choose a finish that fits the style aesthetic they wish to achieve in their home and or, business.

Showroom - Architectural Finishes

Meoded’s Interior Design Showroom showcases a wide range of high-end, decorative wall finish products and offers a hands-on experience for clients. Here, you can see an array of textures, colors, and finishes, including our signature Lime Plasters, as well as other decorative paints and wall treatments. The showroom features how the products look and feel on various surfaces, and you can speak with experienced professionals who can help guide you in selecting the perfect finish for your project. Whether you’re looking for a modern, sleek look or a rustic, vintage vibe, Meoded’s Decorative Wall Finish Showroom has something to inspire you.