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Meoded Slate – Real Stone Veneers

Meoded Slate is the latest and hottest product in the industrial and residential design world. These paper-thin, stone veneers are made from 100% natural stone, which is reinforced by fiberglass, cotton, or a translucent backing for added stability and easy processing.

Our Slate stone surfaces are produced from the most beautiful and luxurious slate blocks from around the world. Using our revolutionary extraction method, we apply a fiberglass carrier to the slate block and manually peel off the layer of thin stone.

This paper-thin slate panel by Meoded Slate is recognized for its beautiful natural stone colors and texture and its astounding flexibility.
A Meoded Slate panel is very light, weighing just over 0.3lbs. per ft², making this material easier to transport compared to thick stone slabs while also reducing the degradation of natural resources.

All chemical components of Meoded Slate are harmless to health and correspond to the highest standards of quality.

Meoded Slate

The classic Slate panel is a thin natural stone veneer made with a fiberglass backing. This material is intensely robust, having been utilized as wall coverings both indoor and outdoor, in wet areas, or as a covering in nearly all areas of industrial processing.

Slate is available in over 30 colors to meet your style needs.


EcoStone, the thinnest Slate product, is an ultra-flexible veneer supported by a cotton backing. This backing method makes EcoStone incredibly flexible with the capability to be cut and glued onto nearly any surface type or shape, including furniture, technology, and even clothing. EcoStone products are environmentally friendly, due to the CO²-efficient transportation and low usage of stone material.


Most stones are able to be produced in translucent form. With a light source behind our Translucent Slate sheets, a beautiful, illuminated back-lit pattern will shine through. Each Translucent slate panel tells its own story and boasts a truly unique color and texture pattern. Different effects may even occur based on the light type used behind each panel.

Slate is available in over 30 colors to meet your style needs.