Meoded Paint & Plaster

Eco-Friendly Paint Products

All Meoded Paints and Plasters are Eco-friendly products. Not only do we take great pride in providing “green” products, but we are the sole manufacturer of authentic lime-based, zero VOC liquid plasters in the United States. It’s important that we provide our customers with a healthy living space with eco-friendly architectural finishes that protect the environment around us.

Danger of VOCs

VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals) are the strong odors you inhale when you open a can of conventional paint. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, these products decrease air quality and can even cause negative health effects like nausea, headaches, and fatigue. Long-term effects with higher concentrations of VOCs can lead to skin problems, organ, and central nervous system damage. Although most of the VOCs on painted surfaces evaporate over time, in some cases residue can be released in the air for years.

Using eco-friendly paint products is a safe way to maintain a healthy environment in your home or business. All of Meoded’s products are manufactured under strict quality controls that adhere to the EPA standards, thus protecting our customers, staff, and environment. Acknowledging the information about the dangers of VOCs plays an important role in designing Meoded’s health-conscious products.


Lime Plasters: Our plasters are Zero VOC, genuine lime-based plasters made with natural lime and other natural materials like crushed marble stone.

Decorative Paints: Sapphire Metallic, Pearlas Velvet, and Crystal Brush glitter paint are made with low VOCs that architects, contractors, and designers request.

Primers: The two types of primers we offer (Quartz Primer and Lime Wash Base Coat) are both 100% acrylic.

Glazes: Our Velature Glaze top coating is water dilutable.

Wax: Our HydroWax product is water-based with low odor.

Meoded’s eco-friendly paint products ensure that your home or, business is safe for your family or, customers for years to come.