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How Can I Make My Walls Sparkle With Glitter Paint

There’s a little magpie in all of us… a bold personality with an atavistic need to gather shiny trinkets to decorate our homes. If your inner magpie is particularly prominent, you may even want your entire home to shine and shimmer in the light.

Why not grant yourself that wish in the form of a shiny glitter paint wall inside your covered patio, to capture the shimmering of your pool? Or, if you’re looking for something cozier, why not a more understated bronze glitter wall in your living room to reflect the fire’s warm golden glow? 

Any time of year is the right time to enjoy a bit of glamor; whether it’s summer, with ice blocks clinking cheerily in crystal glasses by a sparkling pool, or dazzling winter, with snow twinkling under the stars and street lamps lighting up the world outside. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to transform your walls into a stunning shiny showpiece with our Crystal Brush Glitter Paint.

Crystal Brush Glitter Paint projects

Why Creating a Glorious Glitter Wall is ALWAYS a Great Idea1100

For the artists and creatives of the world, a glitter wall is a fun, unique way to make a statement and show off your creativity.

And what easier way to accomplish this than with premium quality glitter paint? It is the easiest way, and the results will leave you with a wall that looks like it was crafted by a professional.

So you’re going for gold (or silver, if that’s more your speed) and have decided to flash some bling on your walls that’ll have them all gasping at your up-to-the-minute style and chutzpah.

Although you can apply glitter interior wall paint to wood, metal, and drywall, if it’s class and elegance you’re aiming for (rather than a seventies-themed nightclub vibe), do avoid covering every wall and piece of furniture in sight with glitter (unless you’ve thought it through and you know it’s what you’re aiming for).

Remember that less is more. Most homeowners prefer their glitter wall to be a stunning accent feature that makes a statement, often in a sophisticated master bedroom, luxurious foyer, ceilings, or ample commercial space, perhaps to provide a platform or backdrop for beautiful artwork.

And of course, every little girl wants a beautiful sparkly bedroom at a stage – it’s any princess’ dream!

Before choosing which wall you want to give a lick of Hollywood stardom, ensure there’s a degree of sunlight or some other light source that will illuminate it because that will bring this decorating feature to life. If the room is dark, you won’t be able to appreciate the sparkle. 

Using Meoded’s Crystal Brush Glitter Wall Paint 

Glitter wall paint is by far the simplest, best, and most durable way of achieving your dream of a sparkling glitter wall. Why buy masses of glitter to add to paint or rolls of messy wallpaper when you can choose convenience, versatility, and sheer beauty?  Luckily for you, Meoded’s Crystal Brush comes in a range of attractive and affordable colors and tones. 

It’s the easiest way to apply glitter to walls because, after priming the walls, you only need to apply the Crystal Brush in a crosshatch pattern using a high-quality brush to produce an organic look. 

If you think it still needs more sparkle after two to three hours, add more glitter to the second coat of paint. This will fill in the gaps and give it that extra oomph! The second coat should take about four hours to dry.  

Crystal Brush can even be sprayed on for a finish that really sparkles.  

How can I make my walls sparkle? Crystal Brush Glitter Paint

It’s Your Time to Shine With Meoded’s Crystal Brush Glitter Paint

So, now that we’ve shown you how to make your walls sparkle, it’s your time to shine. With the help of Crystal Brush glitter paint, you can create the feature wall of your dreams!

To find out about available colors or custom orders for glitter walls, contact Meoded Paint & Plaster today!