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Pearlas Velvet - Suede Metallic Paint

Pearlas Velvet Suede Metallic Paint

Available in Quarts and Gallons

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Actual color may have differ from computer screen .Test product in small area before application.

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Pearlas Velvet Suede Metallic Paint


Pearlas Velvet Suede Metallic Paint

Product Description


Pearlas Velvet is a Low VOC decorative metallic faux finishing product for interior use that produces a look of soft suede metallic Venetian Plaster. The look of Velvet can also be described as a velvet or silk fabric due to the rich, but soft finish the product creates. Velvet is the ideal wall treatment for formal living and dining rooms, upscale boutiques, posh hotel lobbies, and other spaces where refined style and beauty is desired. With fine metallic powders, its tremendous depth of color allows Velvet to exhibit two or more colors when reflected in various lights. 

Available in 1 Quart and 1 Gallon.

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Pearlas Velvet™ Suede Metallic Paint is available in white, silver, bronze, gold, and red bases, from which custom colors can be created using universal colorants.
The actual color may differ from the computer screen. Test product in a small area before application.
Select from any of our standard colors below, or give us a call at (323) 308-2600 for custom color orders.


Application Methods:

Surface Preparation- Pearlas Velvet can be applied on any interior wall space, as long as it is properly prepared and is very smooth. The smoother the walls are made in preparation for Velvet will ensure a better overall finished texture. Walls should be primed with the recommended primer suitable for the substrate. New drywall requires a PVA primer, while existing surfaces require a multi-purpose primer. Uneven surfaces, or surfaces with texture, should be floated for an even surface followed by the application of the recommended primer. 

Pearlas Velvet™  suede metallic paint should be applied in two thin coats with a trowel. Variation of trowel strokes is recommended to achieve an organic look and to produce a look of shimmering Venetian Plaster. One coat should be applied and let dry for at least one hour before applying the second coat. Apply material in small amounts with the trowel with varied movements, and then use a clean trowel to achieve desired movement throughout finish. These variations in applications will produce matted and rich metallic reflections



Applied with a trowel, the finish looks like metallic Venetian plaster, but it is important to note that it is a paint-like material. Watch our video that details the application process.


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200-260 sq ft with 2 coats per gallon; 50-65 sq ft with 2 coats per quart, depending on surface and texture.

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