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Stain Defense Sealer

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Stain Defense Sealer


Stain Defense Sealer

Product Description


Glaze ’N Seal Stain Defense Sealer is an exciting “State-of-the-art” “Natural Look” penetrating sealer for water, oil and stain resistance on all Meoded plasters for both interior and exterior use. Stain Defense will not change the color or add sheen to any of the finishes, it will simply make the surface more water-repellent and cleanable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before use on a job, thoroughly test this product on an inconspicuous area to assure performance and appearance. Use only in well-ventilated areas. Immediately remove pools or puddles where over-application has occurred.



Apply a medium amount of Stain Defense with a new clean brush, roller, or sponge. Allow the sealant to soak into the surface. On very porous surfaces a second coat may be applied one hour later.  Wipe excess sealant from the surface after 10 minutes with a clean towel. Cure Time: Stain Defense cures in 24 hours. Allow the surface to dry for 4 hours or overnight, before allowing traffic. Keep the surface free from staining materials for 72 hours.

NOTE: Apply when the temperature is between 50ºF – 90ºF. Avoid puddling and rundown. If sealant comes in contact with the surrounding surface, wipe off. If residue appears, reapply some Stain Defense and buff surface with a clean towel. 



80-120 sq. ft. per quart depending on surface porosity

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