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There are few finishes as unique and exquisite as a coat of glitter. If you’re looking to add Sparkle and Glamour to your space, look no further than Crystal Brush Glitter Paint.

Bring The Night Skies Into Your Daily Life

Crystal Brush Glitter Paint is Meoded Paint and Plaster’s popular glitter paint finish. It is a gorgeous and surefire way to add a multi-dimensional shimmer to any surface or interior space. It twinkles and shines like stars in the sky and adds a galactically vibrant atmosphere wherever it is painted.

It is compatible with nearly any surface – use it for anything from glamming up a wall to adding some magic onto your furniture for a splash of sparkling decor.

Crystal Brush comes in a vast range of ravishing different colors. You can glitter up your life with a choice between silver, brown, white, gold, red, blue, or smoked black. Go one step further and make your own mixture to obtain a fully customized color and create unique shimmering shades.

add sparkle and glamour with crystal brush glitter paint color swatchesPerfect for any interior from a luxurious dining room to a vibrant children’s bedroom; it is capable of jazzing up anything and can add elegance or playfulness, depending on what you pair it with. Keep the lighting of your space in mind as it will alter how bright the glitter appears.

Children will adore the twinkling atmosphere while adults will be swooned by the chic sparkly texture. Anything from bold and bright to soothing and subtle is achievable thanks to the highly customizable nature of Crystal Brush.

Shine Up Your Space Without Leaving It In Shambles

If you have ever come into contact with real glitter, you will know that its stunning aesthetic can be outshined by the mess that it leaves. Glitter feels like it hangs around for days or weeks, getting into everything – even things that you have no memory of touching. Cleaning the residue of glitter is a familiar nightmare for anyone who has ever attempted it. It is enough to put you off using glitter entirely. 

That’s what is so fun and freeing about opting for glitter paint – it’s all of the pros of glitter with none of the cons of cleaning it up. With Crystal Brush Glitter Paint, you can make your space shimmer without the use of messy glitter.

How To Add Sparkle And Glamour

You can DIY this dazzling paint finish with ease. It can be applied with a brush in a crosshatch pattern or simply sprayed on. The project is highly attainable, even for the inexperienced. For a handy guide to get going, watch our online tutorial for tips and tricks. You will soon see how easy it really is to add your own sparkling glittery flair to the world around you.

Meoded Paint and Plaster offers an extensive range of glitter finishes. When choosing which one will work for you, keep the base color in mind – it’s recommended to either go with a similar color for a glittery painted look, or a darker base color for an aesthetic that accentuates the glittery overtone.

Whatever you choose, this modern and majestic paint finish will add a contemporary flair to any space. Add a dash of sparkly elegance or make your interiors feel vigorously fun.

Applied in 2 or 3 low-effort coats, it’s a perfect DIY adventure to embark on to personalize your space. The intense finish is paired with a light texture, so it is subtle to the touch but glamorously glitzy to the eye.

The end result is a light-textured crystalline glisten. It’s definitely a more decorative approach than your standard paint finishes. It’s a bold but delicate statement that is as versatile as you can dream it to be. 

Dazzling And Durable

Crystal Brush Glitter Paint is water-based and composed of fine glitters that make it shine. The advanced Low VOC formulary is environmentally friendly and designed to be durable. Once applied, it provides full coverage of glistening glitter to any surface, effortlessly creating a radiant glittery shine. It can add charm and elegance to the walls of your interior, or it can liven up a room with an added element of playfulness and wonder.

Crystal Brush is a gorgeously glimmering way to make your space sparkle and add a personalized glitter glow to your walls. 

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