Meoded Paint & Plaster

Golmex Concrete Plaster is Eco- friendly and easy to apply, making it easier than ever to achieve the sought-after raw concrete look to any space.

More than Paint

Indisputably, Meoded Paint and Plaster, the premier decorative paint and plaster manufacturer in the USA, offers considerably more than just paint. Founded over 40 years ago by Shlomo Meoded, Meoded, essentially in the paint and faux finish trade, has invented one innovative product after the other; all created to transform spaces from ordinary to extraordinary. The very names of the categories of finishes conjure up images of luxury and excitement.

Say goodbye to plain walls and hello to surfaces that add sparkle and elegance, making both your interiors and exteriors come to life.

Golmex Cement Plaster – A natural concrete experience

Each new Meoded offering to the architectural, interior design, and the decorating market has auspiciously reflected the trends and tastes of the time; none more so than Golmex, a cement plaster that creates that ‘oh so trendy, street cred’ industrial, contemporary look –  very much in vogue over the past decade. There is little doubt that this popular style will predictably follow through our rough 2020 times and beyond, where we understandably crave anything solid and down to earth. Like its fellow plasters, Golmex is eco-friendly, lime and cement-based, with zero VOC. The combination of the natural concrete look and a proactive green product engenders feelings of trust and permanence.

Living in a concrete home has not lost its appeal. If anything, the trend continuously climbs the upward spiral. For the foreseeable future, the contemporary, unfinished, natural look is here to stay as a focal point for both interior and exterior design, not only for aesthetic but also practical reasons. For one, Golmex concrete plaster will masterfully provide that cool industrial look without having to use 100% cement which equals time and money.

Golmex is highly multi-faceted. Special finishing techniques can be applied, from smooth polished concrete to a textured wood stamping effect, for example. If color is not on the cards, texture is a great way to add depth and create interest.

Talking of color, although grey is still right up there on the current color trend list, interesting color angles can be introduced through the application of the acid stain technique, producing not only gaiety but, incredibly, antiquity as well.

If the plan is to stick with plain or mottled grey as a timeless interior backdrop, color can be woven in through accessories and paintings. The unparalleled advantage is that decor can always be kept right up to date by including the latest colors on the trend list. This year they are from one to ten: gorgeous green, saucy pink, spicy yellow, warm brown and rust, elegant blue, rich eggplant, energetic red, the ubiquitous black and No 10 the constant grey, grey, grey; dark, medium, and pale.

The Trend Continues

Trend spotters anticipate the industrial look topping the design line-up for both home and business owners, making Golmex Concrete Plaster an undisputed choice for decorators, interior designers, architects, and those who make a gratifying living flipping houses.

Calling all decorators, homeowners, and “house flippers” who want to give their environments an edge. By using Golmex, the look and feel of an interior can be transformed and the space modernized with a minimum of fuss and a great deal of value for the long term. Once done there will be no need to redo.

On the other hand, architects and interior designers can draw up their plans, bearing Golmex in mind from the outset.

Help is at hand

Eco-friendly Golmex Concrete Plaster and all other Meoded products are easy to apply. If you’re not a follower of instructions on the packaging, comprehensive videos give step-by-step visual instructions. Or if you want the personal touch, visit the congenial environment where you’re sure to get help from the talented team of experts.

Before you begin your project, as a decorator, designer, or homeowner, do yourself a favor (read our blog) and indulge in a visit to the world-class interior design showroom where,  not only are magnificent finished wall samples on display, but private rooms offer a space for professionals to meet with their clients in a truly inspirational atmosphere.

You’d need to be in Los Angeles to pay a personal visit but you can get all the information you need online. Visit our website….