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Increase the Value of Your Home With Venetian Plaster

A renovation or remodel is often one of the first things on your to-do list if you are trying to increase the value of your home to sell your property or simply considering long-term resale potential. By renovating a few walls, you can upgrade the look and feel of the house, which may cause the property value to skyrocket.

Alternatively, you could be considering a total makeover with considerable alterations to increase the value of your property significantly. Either way, Venetian plaster is an excellent alternative for constructing one-of-a-kind structural elements, repairing or adding new walls, and more.

Since ancient times, Venetian plastering has been used to finish walls. It has become trendy in the last ten years, particularly among high-end residences in Los Angeles.

Adding value to a property may be as effortless as deciding on a few Venetian plaster elements. It immediately increases the value of your property. Whether you want to build equity or earn top dollar when you sell, it will improve your property’s look and total resale value. 

According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2017 Remodeling Impact Report, 64% of Realtors advised sellers to upgrade to timeless luxury elements before attempting to sell their houses. 

More high-end-level projects increased their ROI this year than in previous years. This shows that homeowners are focusing more on luxury and high-quality home renovations.

Venetian Plaster can increase the value of your property (something interior designers know and leverage!)

Many interior designers believe Venetian plaster, invented in the 15th century, resonates with people more than ever. The popularity of plaster-loving designers like Axel Vervoordt (the designer who helped Kim Kardashian and Kanye West transform their Californian home), Leigh Herzig, and Vincent Van Duysen has led to it increasingly being utilized in homes of style.

“This art form is trending because it is tactile, soulful, and elemental. Given our struggles through the pandemic and our disconnection caused by excessive technological dependence, soulful materiality is human and grounding,” says co-founder of Yellowtree design studio Susanne Schaal.

Pinterest recently reported that search interest for the topic has tripled. It’s even more popular among interior designers than paint and wallpaper: “We’ve utilized Venetian plaster in most of our projects,” says Erick Garcia, proprietor of Maison Trouvaille, a Los Angeles-based interior design studio. 

He recently used the material in the residences of actress Karen Gonzalez and Summer Friday’s creator Marianna Hewitt.

Increase the Value of Your Home With Venetian Plaster - Kim K and Kanye West home
A soaring hallway is swathed in off-white Venetian plaster inside the home of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Eco-friendly appeal

Why, exactly, is this the wall adornment du jour? Sure, Kim and Kanye’s high-profile house had a role since it likely promoted the interior design concept to a large audience.  Many are drawn to it because of its eco-friendliness. 

Traditionally, what distinguishes Venetian plaster is that it is entirely natural, consisting primarily of limestone and water. Some strains may also contain marble dust or other aggregates, but generally, it is a natural organic substance. 

It is made of raw materials, is plastic and chemical-free, and, by improving the air quality, is super eco-friendly. Natural Venetian plaster is harmless, emits no dangerous compounds into the air, and is naturally mold-resistant. 

The eco-friendly appeal has infiltrated pop culture too. For instance, in one episode of the Netflix reality television series Selling Sunset (based on the high-end real estate agency in the Los Angeles area), Micah McDonald takes agent Emma Hernan on a tour of a property he’s finishing. 

As he’s pointing out the home’s multiple luxe amenities, Micah states that it is being used throughout the house because it insulates the house and is more energy-efficient. Hernan approves since eco-conscious elements are all the rage—and in the case of Venetian plaster, it looks grand, too! 

The 20 Million Dollar property Micah McDonald was finishing on Selling Sunset

Besides the attraction of being more environmentally friendly, there are other reasons why this plaser remains a favorite choice for increasing the value of your home.

It resembles marble

Venetian plaster is an excellent replacement for marble if the price or design restrictions prevent the use of true marble. Because of its natural properties and how it’s applied (in thin, transparent layers that are often polished), it has a soft, earthy look with an iridescent finish, similar to marble or stone.

With this in mind, Venetian plaster is an excellent alternative for curved walls, columns, and other large areas where genuine marble would be prohibitively expensive.

It’s elegant and timeless

Venetian plaster is a time-honored tradition that adds subtle color and gloss to plain walls, recreating the look of stone or marble without needing such costly materials. Venetian plaster is far more luxurious and versatile than most people realize. 

It might be the ideal finish for your custom home construction project if you love the old-world aesthetic and graceful simplicity of century-old European homes. A Venetian plaster wall is much easier to do than wallpapering a larger living space, and it adds dimension, depth, and warmth to a room.

Or, like Jake Arnold, creator of The Expert, describes: “It gives a room a more natural, lived-in feeling than white or fully wallpapered walls.”

Venetian plaster can be customized

If you’re looking for a specific marble style or want to get very creative with Venetian plaster, the sky’s the limit! Natural or synthetic colorants can be used to color Venetian plaster. 

Though natural, earthy tones are frequently favored because this is how Venetian plaster shines the best, know that you are not limited in this regard. If you desire a color that doesn’t exist naturally, you can create it.

It requires little maintenance

Venetian plaster (mainly those prepared without extra aggregates) is exceptionally durable and does not age or fade. It’s also simple to clean.

Gone are the days when you had to re-plaster a whole wall because of a scrape!

While Venetian plastering is most renowned for its old-world charm, many argue that the smooth texture and delicate shine are beautifully contemporary, demonstrating this finish’s flexibility. 

Regular paint can only go you so far at times. It is a terrific alternative if you want a subtle, elegant, natural, and economical finish.

Incredible durability

Venetian Plaster is a long-lasting substance that may be used for millennia. When correctly placed, it is fire resistant and will last for centuries. Drywall, on the other hand, is designed to endure a few decades and is quite simple to damage. 

A hammer strike can be too forceful, and the drywall can quickly acquire a hole. Plaster cures to a hard, difficult-to-damage finish. This makes the home more durable and minimizes the amount of upkeep required by homeowners, which always raises the value.

Soundproof your space

If you have an extra room, why not soundproof it and use it as a home theater or recording studio? The property becomes much more appealing by providing these distinct possibilities to buyers. 

Plaster is a robust, solid material that absorbs sound better than drywall, providing additional soundproofing. It has also become a favorite among musicians, who claim that playing in a plastered room produces a fuller sound than playing in a drywall room. This material’s acoustics provide even more adaptability for a room.

Choose Venetian plaster for the ultimate aesthetic facelift

There is no better way to increase the value of your property than using the textured and lustrous Venetian plaster to create an elegant and smooth finish.

If you want to renovate your space, look no further than Meoded Paint & Plaster We use high-quality Venetian plaster to create smooth, and even wall surfaces. You can select various textures and colors to suit your home’s aesthetics and color scheme.

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If you want to find out about Venetian plastering, contact us.

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