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Exclusive Venetian Plaster Wall Textures

Of the many ways to introduce texture to the walls of your home, Venetian plaster wall textures are certainly one of the most elegant yet long-lasting finishes. 

A combination of material and application techniques produces a tactile quality, but unlike traditional paint finishes, the liquid paste, putty-like material is applied to surfaces using a trowel and brush spatula in numerous different ways to create natural depth. super-thick layers. 

These layers result in a significantly thicker end product resembling genuine stone. This also means the surface is highly durable—so much so that you can even use it outside. 

Although it may not seem like it, Venetian plaster is soft and smooth to the touch, despite its rough, textured look. It makes an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms. 

This being said, it also looks gorgeous in spaces that aren’t high-traffic.

Venetian plaster wall textures are also excellent for creating a lived-in, mineral-rich effect on the walls that may be somewhat more challenging to achieve with other types of paint. 

Designers adore it for its ability to infuse previously cold spaces with warmth because of the micro-variations of colour that generate movement and depth. 

Whether you’re adding a touch of old-world romance to a new building or restoring a historic space, Venetian plaster wall textures and their modern counterparts never fail to impress!

The Benefits of Venetian Plaster

We specialize in decorative wall finishes such as Venetian plastering at Meoded Paint and Plaster and create bespoke wall finishes using the highest-quality raw materials. 

Commercial and residential spaces benefit from this type of finish.


Venetian plastering may be applied to practically any surface, regardless of the sort of interior you are remodeling. Existing walls may be readily turned into stylish, modern structures. 


Venetian polished plaster is a low-maintenance material. Since this decorative finish comprises a variety of natural stones, aggregates, and pigments, it will last for many years without fading, cracking, and reducing the need for wall painting. 


Venetian plastering is unmatched because of its unique components and mineral makeup. These materials are very breathable, which inhibits the growth of fungi and moulds on the wall. 

This ornamental lime plaster keeps moisture from accumulating beneath the polished gloss, keeping mold, bacteria, and dampness at bay


Installing Venetian plastering in your space is an excellent approach to being eco-friendly. 

The plastering materials are entirely natural, resulting in an incredibly eco friendly and high-quality wall. 

This sort of plastering contributes to enhancing and optimising indoor air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide. The anti-bacterial basis given by the lime prevents the growth of mould and other fungi. 

Plastering a wall adds layers of protection and insulation, ensuring that the wall remains in fine and flawless condition for many years to come. Prior to applying a unique Venetian plaster, it is necessary to remove the previous texture. 


In comparison to painted plaster, polished plaster may be utilized safely on various wall and ceiling bases. From wood, brick, and tile to cement and plasterboard, there are a few limitations in application. 

As long as the base is permeable, of reasonable quality, and adequately prepared.

Venetian polished plaster is especially well-suited for edging around difficult barriers, such as fireplace surrounds, columns, and archways. You can learn how to apply Venetian Plastering by reading our Marmorino Application Guide.

Always Make a Statement with Venetian Plaster Wall Textures 

Venetian polished plaster could become your new BFF if you want your home to turn heads and make an impression. 

This beautiful, light-reflecting plaster finish has an uncanny ability to elevate an area and infuse it with personality. 

Whether it’s used to enhance a  powder room, draw attention to a feature wall, or infuse a vast living area or entrance hall with elegance and refinement, there’s no question that you and everyone who visits will be impressed.

Why Venetian Plaster Provides a Great Option

Everybody’s tastes are unique. What appeals to one person may not appeal to another. That is precisely why many households are lured by Venetian plastering for its adaptability and breadth of application. 

Make a statement, but keep it subtle. Choose from modern and classic styles. From traditional Venetian plaster walls to beautiful metallic treatments evocative of a bygone era of splendour, the option is really yours.

Meoded’s Marmorino Plaster

Marmorino is a type of Venetian plaster made from lime putty, primarily slaked lime, and marble dust. It may be used to create a range of satin, matt, and glossy textures, from natural stone to polished marble with fresco veins.

Our most popular lime plasters include:

Marmorino Tintoretto 

A lime-based plaster that may be used on interior and exterior surfaces, providing a more elegant matte to low sheen finish than the traditional Venetian plaster.

Marmorino Palladino 

This lime plaster has a bigger aggregate that creates a rougher stone texture and stone, brick, and a variety of other heavy textures.

Marmorino Venetian plaster may be tinted to create a range of colors. Velature Glaze by Meoded is a unique colorwash topcoat for Marmorino plaster designed to provide a more natural appearance on your wall. 

Since lime plaster is porous by nature, the use of Velature Glaze helps create beautiful old-world textures by providing a multi-color wash effect.

The finish is ornate and natural, with layers of depth and texture. This plaster is different from other polished lime plasters due to the coarse aggregates that contribute to the thickness and texture of this plaster. 

Marmorino plaster materials reflect light with their innate warmth and brightness.

The Perfect Wall Texture Finish for Exceptional Homes

If you’re on a quest to discover something unique and opulent to beautify your home’s inside, consider Venetian plastering to add texture to your walls and give your home a splash of personality. 

American homeowners are becoming more aware of the several benefits of this stunning finish. 

To learn more about Venetian plaster wall textures, and discuss your project, get in touch with the Meoded Plaster and Paint team — we are always happy to help!