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What is Microcement? A Complete Guide to this Popular Plaster for Showers

What is Microcement? A Complete Guide to this Popular Plaster for Showers

A certain material is receiving much acclaim, particularly where bathroom renovations are concerned: microcement. 

Homeowners, designers, and architects alike have all been captivated by this innovative plaster since its inception. So, what exactly is it and why has it become the all-popular choice for shower walls? We’ve created this extensive guide to sate your curiosity about this material and why it’s optimized for constructing a stylish and functional showering area.

A More Detailed Look at Microcement

Through a combination of cement, polymers, and fine aggregates, this thin, cement-based coating offers numerous benefits as a building material. 

Due to its great durability and strength, it’s perfect for high-traffic areas. It also decreases the need for demolition when renovating because its thin application doesn’t add much weight to surfaces, making applying it directly to existing floors and walls a breeze. Its versatility truly shines through in its ability to adhere to a range of surfaces, from concrete and decorative plaster to ceramic tiles. 

More than just a functional material, it yields an aesthetic, decorative finish that can transform any space.

Microcement for Showers: The Perfect Match

Its distinct properties make this material a great fit for shower walls with one of its outstanding benefits being its waterproofing capabilities.

When applied along with specific sealers and membranes, an impregnable barrier against water will keep your walls safe from moisture damage. Again, due to its immense durability, this material does well in wet environments. This lasting ability to maintain strength and integrity differs from traditional materials that erode over time

One of the most-loved aspects of microcement, when used in showers, is the unblemished finish it provides. Contrary to tiles, it removes grout lines, leading to a smooth, expansive surface for a contemporary, elegant aesthetic. This works particularly well for smaller bathrooms, as the uninterrupted visual flow of the material enlarges the space, giving it an air of luxury. It’s clear, especially when compared to traditional shower materials like tile, which material has the advantage in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

The Advantages of Concretta Microcement

The Advantages of Concretta Microcement

Microcement offers a unique set of benefits that make it a standout choice for a plethora of applications. Here’s why Concretta Microcement is the builder’s choice:

  • Durability: Concretta Microcement offers long-lasting performance. It’s resistant to cracks, chips, and wear and tear, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Breathability: Unlike some coatings, Concretta Microcement allows walls to breathe, helping to prevent moisture build-up and create a healthier indoor environment.
  • Aesthetics: With a wide range of colors and textures available, Concretta Microcement provides endless design possibilities to create stunning and personalized spaces.
  • Water Resistance: Concretta Microcement offers excellent water resistance, making it suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and even wet rooms. While an occasional reseal every 2-3 years may be recommended, this is far less frequent than traditional tile, which often requires more regular maintenance.
  • Cost-Effective: Concretta Microcement can be a budget-friendly choice compared to traditional materials like tile. Especially for shower remodels, the ability to apply Concretta directly over existing tiles can be a great cost saver.

More Benefits of Using Microcement for Showers

The advantages of using this material go well beyond its ability to thrive in wet environments.

It offers a beautiful visual finish that can morph your shower into a 5-star spa-like indulgence. It complements numerous design styles with its modern, minimalist look, and the extensive range of colors and textures it offers affords the user complete customization. This means you get to create the shower that best reflects your uniqueness. 

Microcement is also extremely easy to maintain, as its smooth, continuous surface makes cleaning swift and easy. Unlike grout lines that come with tiles and trap dirt and grime, this material makes a quick wipe-down for maintaining your shower more than possible.

The Allure of Microcement Showers: Beyond Functionality

Beyond the main advantages, showers designed with this material offer a once-off sensory experience:

  • A luxurious texture: An elegant texture that adds a hint of sophistication to your shower space. Unlike cold, traditional tiles, you will enjoy a cozy, inviting feel underfoot.
  • Improved Acoustics: Owing to its smooth surface, sound is softened, offering a more tranquil shower experience.

The DIY-Friendly Installation Process

Unlike traditional shower installations that require professional assistance, Concretta Microcement offers a more DIY-friendly approach. 

Here’s a simplified breakdown of the process:

  • Existing Tile or Stone Surfaces:  For already tiled or stoned surfaces, a thorough cleaning is all that’s required. You can then directly apply two coats of Concretta Microcement on top.
  • New Construction:  For new shower construction, it’s necessary to involve a professional to ensure proper waterproofing and shower build-up. They will lay the foundation for a successful Concretta Microcement application.
  • Application Steps:  Once the surface is prepped (by you or a professional for new builds), the process is straightforward:
    1. Apply a coat of Quartz Primer using a roller.
    2. Follow with two thin coats of Concretta Microcement, ensuring proper drying between each coat.
    3. After the final coat of Concretta dries completely (minimum 72 hours), apply 3–4 coats of Meoded PlasterGuard sealer for complete waterproofing.

A Mistake-Free Finish:

By following these steps and using the recommended Concretta products (Quartz Primer and Meoded PlasterGuard sealer), you can achieve a professional-looking, waterproofed finish for your shower walls.

Concretta Plaster: Your Microcement Solution for Showers

Concretta Plaster: Your Microcement Solution for Showers

At Meoded Paint & Plaster, we understand the growing demand for high-quality solutions for showers. 
That’s why we are proud to introduce Concretta Plaster  (Meoded Paint & Plaster), our premium microcement specifically designed for wet areas. Concretta plaster boasts all the same exceptional qualities, including waterproofing, durability, and a beautiful seamless finish.