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golmex concrete plaster
golmex concrete plaster
golmex concrete plaster


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Golmex plaster is a high quality Portland cement composed of lime, graded silica sand and admixtures to create the appearance of polished concrete on interior and exterior wall surfaces.

Our pre-mixed dry powder substrate is formulated for superb adhesion, workability and durability. A wide range of interior and exterior textures can be achieved with Golmex; including the natural look of concrete and textured designer wall finishes from the hands of a skilled plasterer.


Avoid extended skin contact. Use eye protection and breathing apparatus when sanding material. Keep room well ventilated when working indoors.



Use a stainless steel trowel or a spatula to apply the two coats of Golmex.

Surface Preparation:

Surface should be clean, dust and oil free.

Any surface with sheen should be sanded, then prime the surface with multi-purpose primer and let it dry fully. Next apply one coat of Meoded Quartz Primer allowing it to dry for 3 to 5 hours. Preparation of flat surface requires the application of Meoded Quartz Primer only.

New Drywall:

Prime drywall substrate with PVA acrylic primer and let it dry fully. Next, apply one coat of Meoded Quartz Primer, allowing it 3 to 5 hours to dry.

Exterior Brown Coat:

Surface should first be pressure washed and cleaned. When the surface is fully dry, apply Meoded Quartz Primer diluted up to 30% water. Let it dry for at least 3 to 5 hours. It is recommended to apply three thin coats of Golmex plaster over the brown coat to achieve a smooth surface.

Product Preparation:

– If the surface absorbs the material unevenly the final “look” will be different, (part of the wall is joint compound and the other part is painted drywall)

– If they are using 2 buckets for the wall, and mixing different amounts of water and mixing time varies, the cement will hydrate differently and cause the plaster to dry differently.

– If someone mixed 2 buckets of material and immediately use 1 and let the other bucket sit, he will notice the material has dried a little, you will need to mix more water to re-hydrate the material. Doing this will cause the material to dry to a different color. You must mix only what is needed and mix the entire material using the exact amount of water and exact amount of time in order to assure consistent color.

– People who use cement material, will typically spray water on the material while smoothing the surface, doing this will cause the a color inconsistency if different amounts of water are sprayed on different areas.

First Coat:

Golmex should be applied thinly and evenly, covering the entire wall. It is recommended to use a damp sponge in a circular motion over the surface while the first coat is still tacky to raise the grain and make the surface more even. Allow at least 12 hours for the first coat to dry.

Second Coat:

Apply the second coat just like the first, while working in small sections.Use the metal trowel to gently compress the material, this will create a smooth even finish. The more you compress the smoother the material will be. You can use a spray bottle to spritz the surface while compressing to achieve an even smoother look, but the same amount of water should be sprayed on the entire wall to prevent color inconsistency.
Golmex can be left with a smooth or pitted finish, if a polished concrete look is desired, you can come back the next day and sand the surface with 220 grit sandpaper.

Golmex is a natural plaster and has its own characteristics, this can add a slight color difference on when the material dries completely.


Special Effects:

To enhance the rich appearance of Golmex, glazing and sculpturing effects can be applied using standard plastering tools.

Sealing and Clean Up:

Seal the surface after a minimum of 48 hours of dry time, clean up with warm water and avoid letting spillage to dry.


Store material in a dry and dark place, void of humidity, protected against damage from weather and direct sunlight. Use within 10 months of production.


Mix 5 gallons (50 lbs) of Golmex powder with approximately 1.5 gallons (192oz) of clean water.


Depending on surface conditions, a 5 gallon container (50 lbs) of Golmex will cover between 80 to 140 sq. ft. up to an 1/8″ thickness with two coats.



Golmex plaster comes in a standard cement gray color that can be custom tinted to darker shades with any universal and powder colorants. It can also be glazed with Meoded’s Velature Glaze, a color wash that provides a semi-transparent finish.

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  1. 2 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Initially I ordered a gallon of this product from the manufacture, and then needed more due to poor coverage so I ordered an additional quart through amazon. I searched for reviews before I used it but couldn’t find any, so here is the letter I just sent to the manufacturer. I hope it will help others. (I tried to click two starts but it doesn’t seem to be registering.) This review does not allow me to post pictures.

    Hello. I recently used your Golmex concrete finish to remodel my residential fireplace. I ran into several problems and misrepresentations with the product that I wanted to share with you, and will share on Amazon where it is sold as well. I should have been apprehensive when I couldn’t find actual customer reviews anywhere, but my excitement for the project overtook my reasoning.

    I ordered a one-gallon container on March 26 (order #7467). I did not receive a shipping confirmation. I sent an email to see if I could get a tracking number (to this address) but no response was ever received.

    I should clarify that I have extensive remodeling and building experience. I have used cement, laid hundreds of square feet of tile, and worked with many similar products. I was looking for something easier to work with than concrete and extensively read your website, amazon description and anything else I could find.

    I first applied the Meoded Quartz Primer to my clean surface. I mixed the golmex according to the directions with precisely the amount of water on the bucket. I spread my first coach evenly and less than 1/8 inch thick. Once slightly dry, I used a damp sponge in a circular motion and let it dry for more than 24 hours.

    Nowhere in the mixing directions did it say to only mix what is needed (this, I later found, was on a completely different part of the container, not by the mixing directions and not on your website application instructions either). I knew I would need the entire container for my project, so that’s what I mixed. After my first coat, I covered the unused material tightly. However, when I went back for my second coat, the mixture was almost completely dried out. I added a small amount of water and was able to get it somewhat workable again. I started my second coat, but was only able to get about 1/3 of the way across my 18sf surface before I ran out of mixture. Again, I am applying this almost paper thin (see pictures) for this coat because I can tell I’m running very low. So I got about 24 sf of coverage from a container that says it should cover 80-140 sf!! Unbelievable. I was applying very thin using a trowel.

    In addition, the part that I had to add extra water to was significantly lighter than the rest of the concrete. And, when I wiped it with a damp sponge, per the instructions, it got even lighter!

    So, very frustrated, I ordered an additional quart to darken up the light spots and finish the remaining 2/3 or the fireplace surface with the second coat (approximately 13sf remaining). I only mixed half initially, but I could see that would barely cover the spots. I mixed the remaining amount and had to cover in spots where the coverage was lightest from the first coat because it was nowhere near enough to cover the remaining 13sf. Note the quart container says it covers 16-28sf and I’m spreading it paper thin!

    Now that coat has dried and it is significantly darker than the first coat so I have a fireplace that is spotty, at best, and looks terrible. It should probably have an entire third coat, but I’m tired of paying this ridiculous price for a terrible experience. The workability and look of the product is good. The directions and coverage information is terrible! I would not recommend it to anyone for these reasons and will be leaving reviews accordingly.

    I thought you should know since there are no reviews posted anywhere and no information or photos of smaller, residential applications. Pictures of my experience are attached and labeled. I’m hoping you’ll adjust your coverage information baed on real life experience.

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