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Product Description


Meoded Lime Wash is a unique slaked limestone mineral coating that creates a beautiful weathered plaster-like finish on almost any interior and exterior surface. Meoded Lime Wash is formulated to easily achieve a matte, mottled finish with a soft touch using a two coat brush application. As the carbonation process begins, the lime ‘blooms’ to create natural color variations with slight streaking. Check color before use. Stir Lime Wash thoroughly before and during use. Interior and

Exterior applications require a different technique. Exterior Lime Wash must be cured. Lime Wash should not be applied below 55 F, in excessive heat over 85 F, or direct sun.



Meoded Lime Wash can be tinted to any color using universal tints or machine colorants. Meoded’s natural concentrated “VOC Free” pigments are recommended.

The actual color may differ from the computer screen. Test product in a small area before application.

Select from any of our standard colors below, or give us a call at (323) 308-2600 for custom color orders.



Surface Preparation- Surface should be clean from loose or flaking particles, dirt, mildew,oil, grease, chalk, and efflorescence. Previously gloss surfaces should be sanded, cleaned, primed before applying Lime Wash. For interior applications, it is recommended to apply two coats of Meoded Lime Wash Primer. 

Exterior fresh surfaces such as cement-based coatings should be cured for a minimum of 21 days. Lightly moisten porous surfaces with clean water before application. (Not required on previously painted or primed surfaces.)

Interior Application:

First Coat: Apply the first coat of Lime Wash with a Meoded box brush in a cross-hatch or multi-directional pattern. Always maintain a wet edge throughout the application. Lime Wash dries similar to plaster and will show a dry edge mark if allowed to dry mid-way. Allow a minimum of 12 hours for the first coat to dry.

Second Coat: Apply the second coat in the same manner as the first.

Exterior Applications:

For exterior applications over porous surfaces, it is recommended to dilute the first coat of Lime Wash with 25% water. Apply the first coat of Lime Wash with a Meoded box brush. After the first coat is dry, lightly dampen the first coat with clean water. The surface should appear slightly darker and not wet before applying the second coat. Apply the second coat in the same manner as the first coat.



Coverage- Meoded Lime Wash will cover approximately 300-400 sq. ft. per gallon for 2 coats, depending on surface porosity.



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