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The Beautiful Decor of Venetian Plasters

 Enhance Your Surroundings

Someday, you’ll pass your walls in your home like you always do and suddenly realize that it is time to do something about these plain-looking walls. Venetian plasters, for instance, is a wall and ceiling paint finish that corporate the smooth look of polished marble and natural stone to create a smooth décor with the illusion of depth and texture. It is often used to enhance elegant wall spaces that can be found in homes, villas, theaters, offices, and commercial buildings. Venetian plasters may be the product you’re looking to apply to your walls.

Beneficial Elements of Venetian Plaster

Venetian plasters get its name from its ability to tolerate rising damp and canal-side applications that would cause failure in acrylic and cement plasters like in the real Venice lagoons. It is a lime plaster that will work very well in surfaces that often get wet. Any water that is absorbed by the plaster will quickly evaporate and exit the structure. If Venetian plasters are what you’re interested in, we have several genuine lime and marble Venetian plasters in stock, featuring easy application and superb durability for interior and exterior decor.

Venetian Plasters at Meoded

Marmorino Palladino Decorative Lime Plaster - Venetian Plasters
Marmorino Palladino
Tonachino Firenze Sand Finish Plaster
Tonachino Firenze
Stucco Lamundo Venetian Plaster
Stucco Lamundo
  • Stucco Lamundo: This is a tintable paste that is used to create a wide variety of interior finishes with spectacular effects in any color or texture. It is used to beautify smooth-surfaced materials and to produce a marble-like finish on interior walls, ceilings, and other architectural details.
  • Tonachino Firenze: A contemporary version of the early Italian plaster, known for its warm and dramatic look. This Venetian plaster conveys an “Old World” sand finish due to its natural makeup. It consists of a unique blend of natural ingredients such as river sands, slaked lime, powdered marble, and polymer admixtures. Appears as a white paste that can be tinted to any color with perfect adhesion, durability, and high water repellency.
  • Marmorino Tintoretto: Another contemporary version of the early, traditional Italian plaster. The Marmorino Tintoretto is a tintable paste that produces a wide range of textures including marble-like smooth finishes or natural stone appearances on any interior or exterior surfaces. this plaster is primarily applied to concrete, block, plaster, and gypsum board substrates and other smooth-surfaced materials.
  • Marmarino Palladino: An interior and exterior decorative wall plaster that appears in a natural lime and marble dust paste. It can produce authentic Italian textures due to its thicker body formed by its medium-sized grain. The paste produces a variety of textures including natural stone looks and marble-like finishes, giving walls and ceilings a warm and dramatic appearance.
Marmorino Tintoretto Lime Plasters
Bedroom wall finished with Marmorino Tintoretto

Easy to Apply

All of our Venetian plasters will be easy to apply, although the important element is preparation. Choosing a smooth, clean surface and applying a coat to the interior and exterior should be the first priority. Meoded offers a wide range of specialty tools such as stainless steel trowels and spatulas to better install our plasters. Visit our Venetian lime plasters page to find out specific and exact details about each of our products above. You will find the “How to Apply” page, galleries, and all the different colors available.

Stucco Lamundo Venetian Plaster with Metallic Wax
Wall with Stucco Lamundo

Venetian Plasters colors
Just a small portion of the many colors available for our lime plasters.

What’s For You at Meoded Paint

At Meoded Paint, we seek to inspire and assist painters in applying and utilizing the proper products to create their ultimate finish. On our website, painters can shop for Venetian plasters as well as decorative paints, topcoats, primers, and wall panels; all the essentials in order to create a mesmerizing appearance of the interior and exterior of your location.

If you want to get a first-hand look at how to use and apply the different types of Venetian plasters we offer, be sure to check out our Instagram page.  You can also head over to our Youtube channel for handy how-to tips and tricks.

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