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Bar Interior Design with Paint & Plaster Products

No Need for An Expensive Renovation to Restore Your Bar

So you’ve been thinking about transforming the interior of your bar. You’ve looked up tons of bar interior design ideas online but you just don’t know how to achieve some of the looks that you’ve seen. That’s where Meoded Paint and Plaster comes in! Renovating the interior space of your bar doesn’t necessarily have to be a complete overhaul (especially one that includes closing your business to do the renovations).

So how can we help? Our paint and plaster products could be an affordable solution when you’re on a tight budget but still want a new look. Easily create fresh looks with our paint and plaster and your walls, bar, and even the furniture.

The Power of Faux Finishing

Faux painting or faux finishing refers to using decorative paint finishes that replicate the appearance of materials. That’s how our paint and plaster products can be used to create the appearance of texture (or actual texture) in a way that makes your space look visually different without having to tear walls down or buy real materials, like marble, cement, stone, etc. Not to mention how expensive those materials can cost. Create the illusion with our products and you can still get the same look for the affordable cost of a few paint cans and painters.

Decorative Paints

Cassiopeia Sparkle PaintWe have environmentally friendly decorative paints that come in several beautiful forms (and countless colors!) that you can use to alter the appearance of your interior design. Our Cassiopeia is clear polycarbonate flakes sprayed over a heavy-bodied acrylic base. Cassiopeia creates a shimmering effect that can make your space sparkle. Instead of having boring solid colors such as red, dark blue, and even white, Cassiopeia adds a lot of shine to such ordinary colors. If you’re considering a new paint job, you’ll definitely want to use Cassiopeia to enhance the space. Not interested in a sparkle? How about a metallic shine?

We created our Sapphire Metallic satin finish which gives the painted surface an opulent look of satin. Your bar will have an heir of sophistication by adding our beautiful Sapphire Metallic Paint. This rich paint is an advanced water-based formula made with fine mica powders that add the finishing touch to our product. Using an array of colors like green, blue, or tan, you’re guaranteed to find the right color to re-energize your bar!

Bar Interior Design with Paint & Plaster Products

Concrete Look

Golmex Concrete Plaster FinishIf a sparkle or a satin look doesn’t match your business’ aesthetic, you can go for a rougher more industrial texture with our high-quality Portland cement composed of lime, graded silica sand, and admixtures with our Golmex concrete plaster. Applying two simple coats of Golmex can give you the aggressive texture that comes with this particular type of cement plaster. Golmex is perfect for bars that have a “rough around the edges” look to it because it adds the right atmosphere to any space. Read more about a previous blog article we wrote specifically about Golmex here.

3D Wall Panels

So far we’ve spoken mainly about our decorative paints. But at Meoded, we also offer 3d wall panels that you can easily use instead of boring wallpaper. This is a great alternative for those who want an easier option than dealing with paint and plaster. We have several options to choose from that will add depth to any space. These 3d wall panels are perfect for lounges, upscale bars, and artistic bars that want to offer a unique experience. These geometric shapes will help renovate any bar into a fun, funky place just by using these panels.

BeFunky Collage

Quick Tip: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Patrons What They Think Before You Renovate!

You’re the owner or manager of the bar and really want to do something different with it, but you’re not sure what appeals to your patrons? Ask them. A quick poll or questionnaire for them to fill out as they receive their bill can be valuable to you. You’ll know what areas aren’t dark enough, light enough, quiet enough, loud enough, and much more. This will also help you decide what colors you can use to have space, decor, and even furniture re-painted. A patron poll will definitely point you in the right direction for bar design ideas.

Between our decorative paints and 3d wall panels, you could really restore your establishment in a cost-effective way that doesn’t require massive make-over. In fact, our products can be applied over a night and ready for business by the time you open your doors for happy hour! For our range of products that you can purchase online, click here.

You can find inspiration for renovating your bar interior design from our Instagram page.  You can also head over to our Youtube channel for handy how-to tips and tricks.