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Using Green Interior Paint as an Accent Color

Using Green Interior Paint as an Accent Color

Giving You The Green Light

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up on the 17th, green has been on our minds! Green interior paint can be used not just for walls, but also for furniture, decor, and other types of accent pieces. At Meoded, we like coming up with new ways where a person can really apply our amazing products.

We believe in the color green, not just in honor of St. Patrick’s Day but because green always reminds us of the spring and summer months in Los Angeles. Fresh-cut green lawns, gardens, green traffic lights throughout the city because people are away enjoying their vacations, even the green shrubbery that you’re surrounded by while hiking.

According to Empower Yourself with Color Psychology, the color green is the color of balance, harmony, and growth. So why not add a little bit of that positive, feel-good color in your home this year by using green interior paint as an accent color?

Green with Envy

Of course, there are different shades of green that range from dark to light, and we want to be able to use these colors to help enhance a project in your house, whether that is your walls, decor, or even accent pieces. Green may seem like a color that might be too vibrant for your home, but we have some ideas that will work even for people who are a little more subtle with their colors.

• Walls: When thinking about your walls, really consider what the color green will do to enhance the items in the room. A green wall can really brighten any room up, whether that room is communal spaces like your kitchen, bathroom, or living room, or whether it’s private rooms like your bedroom. For communal spaces think about using green as a way to draw from the room. For example, use the color to paint one wall instead of all of them in the space.

In your kitchen, this can be done by using green interior paint to paint the space that’s between the cupboards and the counters. It’ll be just a splash of color that can transform your kitchen, without even having to renovate it. The same can be applied to your living room or even your bedroom.

• Furniture: If you love green but aren’t crazy about the color of your walls, furniture is a great way to use green to add color and charm to your space. Nightstands, drawers, tables, and desks will bring vibrancy without overwhelming the space. With furniture pieces, you have to consider what currently exists in the room, and how the room can use a brighter shade, like green.

For example, if you’re using darker colors, like brown, grey, and black, you might want to consider using green interior paint in an area that you want to pull focus to, like your coffee or dining table, or even dining chairs.

• Windows: Your windows naturally pull focus because they are used to see your place’s environment. A lot of people don’t consider painting their window casings and usually leave them in the typical color that they are in (usually white). By painting your window casing in general you can really use the opportunity to enhance your window.

Painting it green is a fun and subtle way to add a little extra focus to your windows. Consider green for your windows particularly in your kitchen and bathroom (typically spaces that you can have fun with color and “style-wise”).

Decorative Green Interior Paint

Stucco Lamundo Venetian Plaster

At Meoded Paint & Plaster, you can find complementary shades of green that come in different forms. We have a great selection of eco-friendly decorative paints that you can use for your next green interior paint project. Our Cassiopeia paint is clear polycarbonate flakes over a heavy-bodied acrylic base.

We have two shades of CF5148 (olive green) and CF5139 (pastel green). Cassiopeia uses a mixture of clear polycarbonate flakes and colored glitters, which are sprayed over it. It offers an innovative effect to your project.

If you’re looking for something that really shimmers, our Crystal Brush will do the job! With shades like CB403 (green) and CB106 (green-blue), you can make ordinary colors really sparkle with this glitter paint. It makes interior surfaces glisten, giving your walls a contemporary look that is unmatched by any other paint. This decorative paint is easy to use and adds a unique flair to your space with just the swish of a brush.

Need your green to be more metallic? Our Sapphire Metallic Paint is a unique low VOC pearlescent paint that gives walls, metal, trim, furniture, or any other paintable surface an opulent look of stunning satin. This decorative paint was developed as the finishing touch for all decorating projects. We have 5 shades of green that you can choose from SM60031(dark green), SM6005 (forest green), SM6000 (green), SM2005 (grey-green), and SM1008 (mint green).

Consider Green for Your Next Home Project

We hope you’ll consider green interior paint for your next home project. It’s a beautiful color and comes in great shades like olive, apple, and even forest. Our products are user-friendly and environmentally friendly so you’ll be safe and able to use Cassiopeia, Crystal Brush Glitter Paint, and Sapphire Metallic Paint, as well as the other amazing Meoded products that we carry.

Check out our online store here so you can look through the rest of the products that we manufacture.

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