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Bend Stone To Your Needs With Meoded Slate

Ever wanted to enjoy the strength and prestige of real stone in the comfort of your own home?

It sounds impossible! But here’s the good news – it’s not. In fact, it’s so easy with slate stone veneers – the flexible, bendable, cuttable, and customizable thin slabs of real stone that will make your decor dreams come true. 

100% real, natural stone, our Meoded Slate veneers are an ethereal product that brings the natural wonders of stone into your home. 

Made with cuttings of stone marble slabs, stone veneers maintain the feeling of a full slab of stone without the weight. Nothing beats natural beauty, and slate stone veneers make it amazingly accessible.


  • 100% Natural Stone
  • Interior and Exterior
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • 3 coats of Fiberglass
  • Waterproof
  • Heat Resistant

Wrap the exterior of your home, a fireplace, a winery, or simply any feature wall. Meoded Slate can add a unique natural beauty to any atmosphere.

Build Your Own Stone Castles

Slate stone veneers have a unique aesthetic appeal that can create a rustically charming atmosphere. When paired with natural neutral colors, they create a foresty feeling that is authentically charming.

Grow Your Garden

The primitive aspect of stone walls pairs beautifully with plants for an outdoor feel that brings nature into your home. You can invent an interior that resembles a private outdoor escape. If you’re decorating a commercial space, visitors will feel at ease when they find themselves in an with an essence of the woodlands beautifully sculpted into the room.

Modernize With A Primitive Edge

Silver stoned slate veneers can also create a jarringly modern look, especially when wrapped around countertops and appliances to create a theme somewhere perfectly between stylishly slick and comfortably earthy.

The contrast between hard edges and organic texture creates an interestingly edgy environment that is bold and demanding in its beauty.

Embrace The Dark Side

If you’re after something darker, slate stones veneers can even create an ancient and gothic aesthetic. There’s just something grand and majestic about them that feels extremely powerful. That’s probably why they were used in the final season of Game of Thrones when the creators needed a visually striking castle interior. The overall look is simply iconic.

What do slate stone veneers have to offer beyond their striking aesthetic?

For one, they are waterproof. You have probably seen your fair share of gorgeous bathrooms with slate stones making an appearance – there’s a reason for that! The comfy-feeling yet elegant decor won’t deteriorate with water wear and tear. You can wrap your bath or shower in them, or do up your walls or floors with no fear. 

They work just as well with fire, too! Slate stone veneer fireplaces are all the rage when you’re looking for something that will warm up your house without wearing down your walls. They add so much charm to a room and can be a stylish addition to almost any interior.

There is so much creative potential to unlock with veneers. Their reflective abilities mean that pairing them with the right lighting can be futuristic and fun, and pairing them with the right color scheme can feel calm, natural, and rustic. How creative do you dare to be?

Our super-thin slate stone veneers come in 2’x4’ sheets or 4’x8’ sheets. They’re so lightweight, flexible, and cuttable that installing them is a breeze. Wrap everything from columns to entire buildings – they are perfect for interior and exterior use.

Stones can’t bend but veneers can – you can really wrap them around anything. A cabinet, a column, an entire hotel – veneers seem to defy physics, but these natural stones are simply so thin that they’re capable of bending around anything.

How Did Humans Learn To Bend Stone?

Did you know that slate stone veneers were created by accident?

A German furniture designer named Gernot Ehrlich unintentionally stumbled across this discovery in 1995 while experimenting with resin. He was trying to bond slate tiles but found that the resin was removing thin layers of stone skin – or veneer – from the slate instead.

He started conducting research that would continue for many years, eventually leading to him cracking the perfect process, and voila, slate stone veneers as we know them today were born.

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