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Sapphire Metallic Sahara Effect Brings A Classical Look To Life (2021 Update)

Sapphire Metallic Sahara Effect Metallic Paint

The ethereal appeal of Sapphire Metallic Sahara Effect is pretty simple – the texture comes from small beads that, when combined with a metallic paint finish, create a stunning layered finish with a customizable texture. The end result is a complex, brittle, and rich layer of texture that takes you back in time to old cathedrals and Romanesque architecture. 

Paired with the right paint and color combination, the result can feel like a shower of precious gems and stones haphazardly thrown into the perfect classical paint finish.

Marble beads layered into the paint finish solution are what give Sapphire Metallic Sahara Effect its signature look. The texture is solid and bold, but it is also extremely malleable. 

The end result depends heavily on the technique that you employ. Crosshatch for a grid effect, use solid strokes to achieve a linear texture, or play around and discover something beautifully artistic of your own. 

Sapphire Metallic Paint will add a satin sheen to any surface. It’s hard to go wrong – even random chaotic application will resemble a rugged aged wall reminiscent of an old Italian villa or a forgotten mountain town in Spain. 

Metallic Paint - Sapphire Metallic Sahara Effect Textures  Metallic Paint - Sapphire Metallic Sahara Effect Textures (4)

Scrap The Wallpaper

Recent years have seen wallpaper fall out of fashion. It is no wonder why. Simply put, wallpaper is a hassle. Paint finishes are a much easier alternative that you can DIY with little skill or experience. At Meoded Paint and Plaster, we have endless options that are much more user-friendly than wallpaper, not to mention that you can achieve a notably more visually striking look. It is an obvious choice for today’s DIY interior designers – it’s so easy to use, and yet so elegantly appealing.

Instead of wasting time figuring out how to survive the nightmare of wallpapering your house, opt for a texture that’s so DIY-able that you’ll surprise yourself with how prestigious and professional the results can be. Forget the painful process of aligning rolls of wallpaper – simply layer on Sapphire Metallic Sahara Effect instead. You can achieve luxurious customized looks with none of the mess and chaos. No seams, no sheets, just pure bliss.

Get Gorgeous Texture Anywhere

Our Sapphire Metallic Sahara Effect is functional indoors and outdoors. Washable and water-resistant, you can bring magic into your home by decorating a small wall, or you can cover your whole exterior with a grainy ‘renaissancesque’ charm.

It’s a dream in bathroom renovations with its shimmering texture that can eloquently illuminate small spaces. Oppositely, it works gorgeously in large spaces, providing a majestic aura that magnifies anything in the room.

Trends have seen people decorate a single wall with it for an added element of classical beauty, or you could cover all the walls in an interior with it to achieve complete modern beauty. Timelessness is always in fashion! 

Sapphire Metallic Sahara Effect provides a sophisticated look that is almost effortlessly achievable – it is so DIY friendly that you won’t believe how easy it is to transform a space into a private time capsule or a commercial hall that salutes the beauty of past trends combined with the best of modernity. 

Sapphire Metallic Sahara Effect gives a similar finish to modern wallpaper, with the added bonus of versatility. Some of its benefits include:

  • Interior and Exterior
  • Washable
  • Easy to touch up
  • DIY friendly 

Sapphire Metallic Sahara Effect can be tinted to match any color that your heart desires. It is available in a variety of different sizes of beads, making different textures available and even more customizable by the technique that you use to apply it. The only limit is your imagination. It’s so easy – just drag the beads in any direction to create the finish of your choice. 

DIY A Myriad of Textures

You don’t need to be an expert by any means to create visually jarring looks. The great thing about Sapphire Metallic Sahara Effect is that it’s one of those finishes where messiness can really work in its favor. Get crazy and chaotic, and you’ll be surprised at how elegant the outcome is regardless. 

The unreal feel of Sapphire Metallic Sahara Effect transforms interiors into picturesque scenes that look like they are straight out of a renaissance painting.

You can easily create different textures with different brush strokes. Envision what you want to achieve and then you can figure out exactly what approach you need. But, don’t overthink it, you can go totally random and still make it work.

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