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How to Use Glitter Paint to Create a Magical Effect

Crystal Brush Glitter Paint

“Serious is a word that must be entirely avoided when it comes to decoration”-Kathryn M From walls to crafts and furniture, glitter paint is an attractive choice for those looking to uplift their space and the various surfaces therein with a stroke of glamor and sparkle.  A magical medium that works to make even the […]

How Can I Make My Walls Sparkle With Glitter Paint

Make Walls Sparkle With Glitter Paint

There’s a little magpie in all of us… a bold personality with an atavistic need to gather shiny trinkets to decorate our homes. If your inner magpie is particularly prominent, you may even want your entire home to shine and shimmer in the light. Why not grant yourself that wish in the form of a […]

Which Decorative Paints Are Used as a Decorative Finish?

Cassiopeia-Decorative-Paint-Meoded Paint and Plaster

If you want to spice up your life by ringing the changes, a coat of paint on the walls can be as dramatic as a new haircut and a spot of extravagant retail therapy after a devastating breakup. But don’t stop there. Why go back to the basics when, with all the different types of […]

Spark Joy with Glitter Wall Paint

Spark Joy with Glitter Wall Paint

Everyone has come across them at some stage or admired them from afar – sparkly glitter wall paint have been used to adorn various hotels and modern venues around the globe for many years.  What if we told you that you could create the same dazzling, glistening effect in your own home? Accent walls, whether […]