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How to Use Glitter Paint to Create a Magical Effect

How to Use Glitter Paint to Create a Magical Effect

“Serious is a word that must be entirely avoided when it comes to decoration”
-Kathryn M

From walls to crafts and furniture, glitter paint is an attractive choice for those looking to uplift their space and the various surfaces therein with a stroke of glamor and sparkle. 

A magical medium that works to make even the dullest spaces absolutely dazzling, the glitter paint renaissance is justified for there is no greater eye-catching finish for living spaces. 

Settle into your seats as you begin to read all about the kaleidoscopic world of glitter paints while learning how to apply them for the most enchanting effects. In this article, we’ll look at its different formations, surfaces it can be applied to, the process for application, and vital tips for a successful glitter makeover. 

Without further ado, let’s shine a light on the paint type that already sparkles.

The Different Types of Glitter Decorative Paints

This unique paint comprises glitter particles, which are formed using an array of materials such as metallic powders, glitter, and acrylic. These particles reflect light, with the result being the popular shimmering and sparkling effect that is now so sought-after. 

Glittering paints are also available in a bouquet of colors, from the popular standards such as white, gold, black, and silver, to almost any customizable color imaginable.

There are also many options when it comes to selecting the ultimate glitter paint finish, as metallic, translucent, and pearlescent bases allow for a spread of enchanting effects.

Meoded’s Premium “Crystal Brush Glitter Paint”

Meoded Crystal Brush Glitter Paint

Crystal Brush Glitter Paint is available at Meoded Paint and is one of the most esteemed products of its kind due to its exceptional quality and distinct characteristics. 

Here’s what makes this paint shine brighter than the rest:

  • Unrivaled sparkle: Crystal Brush Glitter Paint sparkles like no other with its finely crafted glitter particles that stun and shimmer. 
  • Massive color range: from the classics to almost any custom color under the sun, the vibrant range of colors offered by Crystal Brush Glitter Paint will surely match your vision.
  • Indubitable durability: for beauty that will last, this glitter paint is designed to ensure superior durability, adding ethereal grace to your space while also being able to withstand wear and tear.

Where Glitter Paints Work Best

One of the most thrilling aspects of glitter-containing paints is their versatility. 

This paint can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, making it a great choice for a diverse spread of projects. Here are some of the more common applications:

1. Glitter Wall Paint

Transforming the rooms, it is brushed around in glitter-filled paints that can add whimsy to children’s bedrooms or create elegant living room feature walls for adult delight. 

2. Furniture

Easy-to-apply glitter paint can instill missing glamor, revitalizing old furniture or enhance new pieces. 

3. Crafts

Whether it be decorating picture frames, household items, or various creative projects, crafters can’t get enough of the glitzy greatness offered by glittering paints.

4. Decorative Paints

Give your wildest ideas life by using glitter paints for once-off furniture, wall murals, and decorative accents that will help you unleash your creativity to the maximum.

5. Ceilings

Glitter paint is a beautiful design element for ceilings. With the right spotlight or chandelier, glitter paint can add an elegant sparkle to dining rooms, movie theaters, kids’ rooms or any other surface you want to highlight. 

How to Create the Most Magical Displays with Glitter Paints

Glitter Paint Application DIY- Crystal Brush- Meoded Paints

Specific techniques and creative due process are required to get the most optimal results from your glittering paint plans. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure you achieve the desired, magnificent outcome:

1. Surface Selection

Based your choice of glitter-infused paints on the surface you wish to decorate for your specific project and consider additional necessary preparations. 

2. (Particle) Size Matters

Smaller for subtlety, bigger for more of a BANG – you must choose the glitter particle size that is most apt for your project’s desired effect.

3. Application Tools

Always wear protective gear, and then, according to your preference, use a paintbrush, a sprayer, or use them all!

4. Applying the right primer to the surface

It is very important to apply the right primer to the surface you plan on painting. If you are applying over new drywall, it is recommended to use a water-based PVA primer. Applying over an existing wall, furniture, or wood? Apply a multi-purpose primer.

5. Light Coats and Heavy Patience

Glitter-infused paint must be applied in thin, even coats, with each coat allowed to fully dry to ensure even distribution and prevent clumping. When brushing, we recommend applying it in a crosshatch pattern to allow even distribution of the glitter. 

6. Ventilation and Cleanliness

Work in a breathable space and make cleaning up as you go easy with soap and water during application.

7. Test Before Applying

Find an inconspicuous spot on your project to test out the glittering waters of your paint, ensuring it works well with your chosen material. 

8. Subtle and Controlled

A little glitter goes a long way so use a light, controlled touch during application.

For a Space that Literally Sparkles

Home decor and creative projects can be turned into magical, shimmering odes to the glitter gods, and you now know exactly how to do this.

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If you’re eager to embrace the glitz and glamor by throwing up your own glitter paint creations, come and visit our shining site today.