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Embrace Your Cool Side: Create a Natural Concrete Atmosphere with Golmex Concrete Plaster

A couple of months into 2022, we’ve already seen a few polarizing design trends, such as a natural concrete atmosphere, emerge!  

We’ve previously discussed how to maximize the impact of metallic paint finishes, but now it’s time to discuss a trend on the other side of the aesthetic spectrum. 

The natural concrete trend is ready to infuse your interiors with a subtle yet sophisticated edge. But, if you’re a bit of a skeptic and you’re not entirely convinced about this particular look, then this article is especially for you. 

We’ll explain why a natural concrete finish is so effective and why it is poised to become a mainstay in the design landscape in the future. 

Continue reading, and before you know it, you may be ready to give concrete a shot.

Why a natural concrete finish is set to steal the spotlight in 2022

Here are just a few reasons why the concrete trend is absolutely swoon-worthy:

Concrete offers an industrial, edgy atmosphere

It goes without saying that industrial design and concrete go hand in hand. When people think about a concrete finish, images of former industrial warehouses converted into sun-drenched lofts or recycled parts of machinery repurposed into elegant accent pieces often spring to mind. 

Golmex Concrete Plaster - natural concrete finish

Upkeep is easy

Another reason why the natural concrete finish is becoming an increasingly popular option in interior design is that it uses a low-maintenance material. In fact, most of your work occurs when you apply plaster. 

It adds texture

Texture can add a tremendous amount of visual interest to your space (Remember that texture relates to how an element looks and feels in the context of interior design!)

When it comes to highlighting texture, the goal is to create contrast. The concrete finish, in particular, works best when contrasted with something natural, such as wood. 

It becomes an instant focal point

Every room in your home should have a focal point. A raw, natural concrete look adds a lot of visual weight to a room when used in the design. 

This means that it will immediately draw your attention, ground the space, and provide a fantastic option for a focal point in your house. If you’re willing, this bold decorative element always fits the bill.

Golmex Concrete Plaster

Golmex Concrete Plaster is environmentally friendly and simple to apply, making it easier than ever to get the desired raw concrete effect in any room.

Using this concrete plaster, you can achieve the industrial, modern aesthetic that has become popular in recent years. Golmex, like Meoded’s other decorative plasters, is eco-friendly, lime and cement-based, and VOC-free. 

Combining a natural concrete appearance with a proactive green product instills thoughts of trust and permanency. With this in mind, there is little doubt that this style will continue to be popular.

The allure of living in a concrete house has not waned. If anything, the trend continues to climb the upward spiral. 

The modern, unpolished, natural style will continue to be a focal point for both interior and exterior design for the foreseeable future, not just for aesthetics but also for functional reasons. 

Golmex concrete plaster will expertly deliver that cool industrial effect without the need for 100 percent cementwhich saves time and money.

Golmex can achieve any texture

Creating texture is a terrific way to offer depth and intrigue. Meoded’s Golmex is a world-class Portland Cement used for interior or exterior wall surfaces. 

By using the research-backed formula of lime, grade silica, and admixtures, Golmex can be used to create the look of polished concrete and a variety of other finishes such as a rough, pitted concrete looka textured wood stamping aesthetic, and many others.

Check out the Golmex Textures Gallery, which showcases how this product can be used to achieve breathtaking effects.

While gray is the most popular current color trend, various color angles may be introduced through the acid stain technique.

Color can be threaded in through accessories and artwork if the idea is to stick with mottled or plain gray as a timeless interior backdrop. 

A great benefit is that design may always be kept up to date by incorporating the latest, trendiest colors. Think spicy yellow, lively red, rich aubergine, gorgeous green,

Golmex Concrete Plaster offers the best natural concrete experience

The industrial, minimalist look is set to become a top design trend for both home and business owners. This makes Golmex Concrete Plaster an unrivaled choice for decorators, interior designers, and architects.

The look and feel of an interior may be modified, and the area renovated with minimal hassle and long-term value by utilizing Golmex. There will be no need to redo once completed.

All Meoded products, including Golmex Concrete Plaster, are simple to use. If you’re not keen to follow the directions on the package, our comprehensive videos provide step-by-step visual guidance. If you prefer a more personal touch, you’re welcome to visit our Designer Showroom located in Los Angeles

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