Meoded Paint & Plaster

Meoded Paint & Plaster Executes Exquisite Finishes on RH Modern Los Angeles

RH Modern Los Angeles

Over two decades ago, Meoded Paint and Plaster was conceived, basing their core essence on the Italian Renaissance and the enduring magnificence of Venetian plasters. Today, Meoded is renowned as the top manufacturer of genuine lime-based, zero-VOC wet decorative plasters and low-VOC decorative paints in the United States. Raising the bar for the industry standard in eco and user-friendly products has cemented their reputation as first-class paint and plaster masters. 

This blog post examines the extraordinary plastering job that Meoded performed for RH Modern Los Angeles, an exclusive, upscale home-furnishings company offering customers with gilded pockets access to the chicest in home decor. We will discuss the techniques, specific materials, and collaboration that paved (or plastered) the way for this premier project’s completion.

Only Perfect Plaster Materials for the RH Modern Los Angeles Project

Nothing pleases the Meoded team more than taking on monumental challenges and proving their superiority in the field of paint and plaster. They saw the stunning 21,000-square-foot Restoration Hardware (RH) Modern Los Angeles building as a canvas for their life’s work. They felt privileged to be participating in the full exterior plastering job for such a prominent furnishing company, knowing that this was another opportunity to showcase their preeminence. 

With its sleek, new-age design, RH Modern is a show-stopping space that required world-class finishes to complement its aesthetics. Meoded decided to use Marmorino Palladino for this project, a limestone plaster that they applied in two coats to ensure durability and an elegant texture. To create a semi-gloss sheen on the exterior, two coats of Stucco Lamundo were further applied. 

These two products were carefully selected after the previous products used failed and cracked, which further asserts the superiority of Meoded’s products.

Techniques for Timeless Texture and Design

RH Modern Los Angeles Plaster Techniques

Employing a minimalist yet sophisticated design approach, Meoded Paint and Plaster was able to emblazon the beauty of RH Modern Los Angeles in the eyes of beholders. With the help of the talented applicators from Studio 1 Plaster, a beautiful four-coat system was developed. Through this process of multiple layers, a firm and durable finish is guaranteed – one that is not only visually appealing but is made to last too. 

Plenty of plaster and a strong workforce bolstered by dedicated, concerted efforts aided the completion of the RH Modern Los Angeles project. The Meoded and Studio 1 Plaster team worked tirelessly in unison to execute the four-coat system in as precise and accurate a manner as possible. The large workforce devoted to ensuring the desired results were achieved with this endeavor was another testimonial to Meoded’s commitment to delivering superlative services.

More than Just Money for Meoded

Meoded Decorative Venetian Plaster

Above and beyond financial gain, Meoded Paint and Plaster were filled with immense pride at their products being featured and used by a renowned industry leader like RH. The chance to add something to the aesthetic statement curated at RH Modern Los Angeles has made Meoded’s reputation as an assured provider of flawless finishes undeniable. A project of this caliber emphatically states that its position as a top choice for companies seeking paints and plaster is not, in any way, unfounded. 

Collaborating for Creation with RH

In order to fulfill the desired vision of RH Modern Los Angeles and bring their dream to life, Meoded worked closely with this client. Carefully listening to their precise creative goals, Meoded’s professional team aligned all aspects of the plastering with the client’s requests. This collaborative coalition led to a balanced blend of Meoded’s expertise and the client’s needs, giving RH Modern Los Angeles a unique and authentic overall aesthetic. 

An Honor of an Experience 

To be selected to do the exterior of such a prestigious furnishing company that specializes in making the interiors of homes so beautiful was an absolute honor for Meoded Paint and Plaster. Validating their hard work and zero compromises on quality, being selected by RH Modern Los Angeles proved the high quality of Meoded’s products and services.

Working with elite retailers such as this interior design company allowed Meoded to showcase their unmatched standard of excellence again, especially when meeting the trickier demands of exclusive projects. One thing is certain: much like their paint and plaster, Meoded’s great name is here to stay.