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Meoded Paint & Plaster Get the Chef’s Kiss from Michelin-Star Restaurant

Meteora Restaurant in Los Angeles

For more than forty years now, we, at Meoded Paint & Plaster, have been working our magic on walls, considering our work to be inspired by the alpha artisans of the Italian Renaissance. Renowned today for being the leading manufacturer of lime-based zero VOC wet decorative plasters and low-VOC specialty paints within the US, we are committed to eco-friendly products and offer unmatched expertise.

Recently, we had the privilege of joining forces with the Meteora restaurant in Los Angeles to assist them with their aesthetics. This article uncovers the intricacies of the partnership and the tremendous plastering work performed to give this restaurant the perfect look and feel.

Aligning Visions for a Seamless Collaboration

When it comes to the delivery and creation of the ultimate, holistic restaurant experience, design plays a pivotal role. That’s why we ensure that our vision is aligned with that of their clients, helping them establish common ground so the work can flow. With both parties mutually passionate about putting together a multifaceted sensory journey through nature, creativity, and discovery, the job was well underway.

To assist Meteora in honing its dream vision, we labored over the way to achieve the desired overall look and provided Meteora with a plethora of samples.

The Great Paint and Plaster Unveiling

The Great Paint and Plaster Unveiling of Meteora

Only superlative materials were used by our team for the Meteora project, ensuring the finest results. Our signature product, Vega Plaster, was used to coat all the walls, offering an enthralling and contemporary plaster finish. To bring out the benches and other seating areas, we applied Concretta FS, making way for a sleek, modern aesthetic. The client was after achieving a cohesive, elegant look throughout the restaurant, and these choices gave them exactly that.

Balancing Texture and Design Perfectly

Meoded Paint and Plaster Products

The team of specialized artisans at True Colors Painting and Plastering utilized a spread of techniques to fulfill the desired texture and design aspects.

There were approximately 15 dedicated individuals involved in the plastering process, meticulously honing a flawless and consistent appearance. The goal was to achieve a sense of equilibrium between the organic beauty of the plasters and the overall ambiance of the restaurant, helping guests step into a realm of leveled-up aesthetics.

Overcoming Challenges Innovatively 

All projects come with their own set of unique challenges, and Meteora Restaurant was no anomaly. The primary obstacle was the formulation of a natural, washable finish for the benches, considering the elevated levels of traffic and increased potential for spills in a dining setting. Using our innovative PlasterGuard sealer, we soared through this obstacle, as this sealer works to preserve the integrity of the plaster and enables easy cleaning and maintenance.

Collaboration: Where Fantastic Food Meets Perfect Plaster

To make sure that Meteora’s vision and desires for their fine-dining space materialized, we worked closely with the Meteora team, investing extensive time and effort into producing an array of samples for them. This helped the client envision the final product before we began the work. Through proactively encouraging a great collaborative structure, immense trust was fostered between the two parties, helping to arrive at decisions that were synchronized with the client’s goals.

Serving as a bridge between the client’s colorful imagination and the result, the samples helped Meteora understand how our plasters would alter their restaurant space for the better. Each sample was carefully crafted and curated; the desired ambiance, lighting, and overall aesthetic were all considered. Presenting a range of options also empowered the client, making them active participants in the decision-making process.

That Magnificent Michelin-Star Recognition

Michelin Star Recognition

Meoded’s Ascension to Meteoric Heights

Putting the momentum created by balancing craftsmanship and vision on full display, we enjoyed an extraordinarily successful collaboration with the Meteora team. With our high-quality, eco-friendly products, faultless commitment to quality, and total dedication to customer satisfaction, we have created a tribute to our timeless artisanal skills through the aesthetics created for Meteora restaurant.