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Making a Bold Statement With Metallic Paint

If you’re looking to add something rich, vibrant, and spectacularly elegant to any space, perhaps metallic paint is the solution.

Create depth and vibrance

Give new love to a dull wall and bring a dead space to life. Transform spaces with a splash of dazzling elegance. Metallic paint finishes bring an element of sophistication that you can’t achieve with other types of coating. The glamor is unmatched. Metallic paints can be applied on walls, metal, trim, furniture, or just about any other paintable surface to give a satin shimmer that makes it pop.

Alluringly elegant and spectacularly shiny

Metallic paint and plaster bring something uniquely elegant to an interior – or even an exterior. From the smooth satin aesthetic of our Sapphire Metallic finish to the seductive suede tones of our Pearlas Velvet paint, to the glistening glitter finish of our popular Crystal Brush Glitter Paint collection, Meoded Paint and Plaster have decorative metallic paints and plasters for every occasion. Our metallic shades can be used for interiors and exteriors alike. The versatility is as endless as your imagination. 

Texture can make a world of difference

The reflective properties of metallic paint can create the illusion of added space in an interior and add richness to exteriors that were never deemed possible before.

Metallic textures are a bold statement that can lighten up space while simultaneously enriching it. It is rare to find a texture that can create deep, saturated color without ever becoming claustrophobic. That’s the beauty of metallic paint – it’s rich and vibrant, but reflective enough to enhance any space it adorns. 

Timeless and trendy

Metallics are in right now – and they are here to stay! Silvers, platinum, coppers, and bronzes are fun metallic shades that can be used to achieve vintage elegance or modern chic brilliance. Metallic paints give you the versatility of both worlds. 

Whether you want to add flair to a neutral spazz or jazz up an interior with bold, bright, shades; metallic paints might be the glorious finishing touch you need. 

Knowing when to go metallic

A stunning but versatile texture; metallic looks work well with neutral pallets or bold jewel tones. Metallic paint can also be flatteringly paired with faux finishes such as glazing or crackling because of how lively metallics are compared to traditional coatings. You can get extremely experimental with them, and it’s hard to go wrong thanks to their endless versatility.

As durable as they are dazzling

Metallics are manufactured with durability in mind. When used as a finish, it can mimic the properties of the undercoat, so make sure that all products being used are of the highest quality. Meoded Paint and Plaster manufactured metallic paints to last, and that’s why we are confident that they can be used for both interiors and exteriors. Our 100% acrylic formula, will add sophistication to any surface.  

Get ready for a complete transformation

Metallics can completely alter the perception of an interior – they are a bold choice that will breathe new life onto the walls that they coat.

Bringing your metallic vision to life

Have you decided that you want to go metallic but you are still having some trouble bringing your vision to life? 

You can use our handy colors tab to see what’s available at Meoded Paint and Plaster and start creating your own masterpiece. We have a lot of useful tools on-site to help you get started, including Videos and a whole Gallery for inspiration!

* Please note that the actual color may vary from what is shown on your computer screen. 

It is recommended to test the product in a small area before proceeding with the full application. 

What’s For You at Meoded Paint and Plaster

At Meoded Paint, we seek to inspire and assist applicators in applying and utilizing the proper products to create their ultimate finish. On our website, contractors can shop for Metallic Paints and Finishes as well as decorative paints, concrete plasters, topcoats, primers, and wall panels; all the essentials to create a mesmerizing appearance of the interior and exterior of your location. If you have any questions, please call us at 323-308-2600 or email us at  

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