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Metallic wall finishes to brighten up your home

Metallic wall finishes are a great way to brighten up any room of your house. Metallic Paint can be used on walls or furniture and come in many different colors, finishes, and textures. Metallic wall paint is not only a popular choice for home décor but also a professional design because it’s so versatile! 

In this article, we will discuss how metallic interior paint works and how you can use it to brighten up your home or to highlight a specific area.

Why Use Metallic Finishes?

Metallic Paint became very popular due to its strong design elements. Metallic wall finishes can be used in a variety of ways.

One way is to use metallic paint as the main color for an accent wall, so it becomes the focal point of your room and draws attention to itself. You could also use metallic wall paint to create different textures on walls – you might want one side of a hallway painted with metallic paint and beads for texture, then another part covered in glittery gold Crystal Brush Glitter Paint, while yet another section has Trompe L’oeil Miniature paintings nailed onto the wall.

Crystal Brush Glitter paint - metallic wall finishes

Metallic wall paint create interest within each space. Whatever type of texture you choose will automatically make things more interesting without being too overwhelming or ostentatious because they’re spaced out across your home’s interior decor layout.

Metallic Wall Paints vs. Metallic Textures

Metallic Paints generally come in a satin finish and can be applied to add a rich accent on any paintable surface, such as walls, cabinets, metal, trim, etc. Metallic textures can either be elegant suede metallic paint for a soft feel, or metallic paint with glass beads for wallpaper-like finishes.

Metallic wall finishes are most often used to draw attention to the surface and not act as an undercoating or finish for the furniture.  If you want to apply metallic interior paint over top of a substrate, it needs to be free from dirt, dust, or glossy surfaces. 

Metallic Wall Finishes - Textures Metallic Paint - Meoded Paint & Plaster

Use For Texture:

Metallic paint can be used for a variety of textures. You can find metallic wall paints that are satin or matte finishes. Some paints even come in gloss finishes for the more traditional look you would expect from other wall paint colors. Using textured mixtures like beads or glitter can add depth and dimension to a room, which is what you want when highlighting the metallic paint.

Metallic Wall Finishes Used for Texture

Use For Emphasis:

You can easily emphasize a room by using metallic wall paint on the walls and furniture. You can also use metallic paint on a faux finish to create dimension with texture or you could add various shades of darker metals for depth in your space. The idea is to apply metallic paint in the area you want to make unique

Decorative Paint - Sapphire metallic

Application Techniques

There are many different ways to apply metallic paint to your surface. You can apply Meoded Sapphire Metallic Paint using a brush, roller, or spray.

If you want to add a bit of character and use the Sapphire Metallic Sahara Effect, you can add clear glass beads to the gallon and simply brush the wall in any shape you want! You can achieve cross-hatch, diagonal, or cloudy textures with the Sahara Effect.

Lastly, use Meoded Pearlas Velvet, suede metallic paint, and apply with a trowel to create the finish of your dreams.

Benefits Of Meoded Metallic Paint – colors, availability, etc.


  • Adds subtle sophistication or bold color to your home 
  • Can be used interior and exterior
  • Easy maintenance – just wipe down with a damp cloth when needed and enjoy the shine for years!


Meoded metallics are offered in over 60 beautiful colors and can also be custom tinted to the color of your choosing. 

Metallic wall paint colors are available in many styles of finishes from traditional golds, silvers, bronzes, copper tones to trendy emerald greens and navy blues. A variety of finishes exist including matte, satin sheen, and gloss and they all add different levels of depth.

Sapphire Metallic has a satin metallic finish, whilst our Pearlas Velvet metallic paints offer a suede-like texture with a multicolor appearance reminiscent of Venetian plaster. Crystal Brush is a popular glitter paint that adds a little glitz to your project.


Meoded provides a diverse range of ornamental paint finishes, including metallic, suede, and glitter paints. We know how to bring grace to your home’s walls by using paint that complements any surface. With our easy-to-use decorative paints, we bring elegance to your area! Meoded’s decorative paints are all low VOC. Meoded takes pride in being the sole American manufacturer of high-end decorative paints suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces.


To sum up, metallic wall finishes can be used to add texture or brighten up a space. It’s the perfect product for anyone looking to give their home an eye-catching and unique flair that will make it stand out from all of those other homes in your neighborhood. If you’re interested in more paints then feel free to check out our blog on the best paints that are currently available!