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Venetian Plaster Suppliers

Venetian Plaster For The Lasting Appeal 

Looking for something that is durable and adds a lot to the charm of your place? 

We have a decorative plaster that leaves an impeccable finish on the walls for a long time to come.

Our Lime Plasters are easy to use, eco friendly, authentic, lime-based, zero VOC liquid plasters. We have four types of Lime Plasters: Stucco Lamundo, Tonachino Firenze, Marmorino Tintoretto, and Marmorino Palladino.

Venetian Plaster- Gloss Finish

Stucco Lamundo is an interior Venetian plaster that features easy application and exceptional durability. The natural blend of marble dust and limestone give Stucco Lamundo a distinct glossy look with easy application.   The tint-able paste produces a highly polished, marble-like finish on interior surfaces. 

As it’s a form of natural earth, it ensures a subtle glow when natural light reflects on its surface. 

Marmorino Venetian Plaster

Marmorino Tintoretto is a flat to low sheen finish Venetian Plaster suitable for interior and exterior applications. It’s a perfect blend of quality limestone and crushed marbles giving your walls a mottled appearance similar to Venetian Plaster but more subtle.  A wide range of textures can be created with the Tintoretto such as a low sheen smooth finish, a fine skip trowel effect, or glazed effects.  Tonachino Firenze, a lime plaster, enhances any interior or exterior wall space creating a Mediterranean sand finish. Marmorino Palladino has a large marble grain and is best for creating elegant, smooth stone finishes and other creative textures. Palladino’s large aggregate allows the creation of innumerous bold textures such as travertine effect, skip trowel, crocodile texture, petrified finish, and much more. 

Venetian Plaster Wall Finishes

Tonachino Firenze, a lime plaster, enhances any interior or exterior wal space creating a Mediterranean sand finish. Tonachino Firenze is a perfect combination of marble dust, river sands, and slaked lime formulated to create a sandy, porous texture.

*** Do you think it is smart to put a hyperlink to the Quartz Primer page? This is the primer for all of our plasters. Or is it better to put it on each individual page before buying?

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