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Trends tend to repeat themselves…and we have no complaints about the latest fad that is making a comeback. Yes, the velvet paint finish is back and better than ever — and it’s all over our walls! When viewed head-on, velvet paint can resemble a Venetian Plaster; however, they have a subtle metallic sheen and a soft rich texture. 

Velvet suede metallic paint catches the light ever so slightly and has a silky, almost powdered finish. Saying this, it is the perfect combination of an easy-to-apply paint with a beautiful elegant character.

Think of it like suede shoes: if you wipe your hand one way, you will get one color, and if you go back the other way, you will have a different color. The same effect happens when you trowel on this suede paint. The more movement you make with the trowel, the more highs and lows you will have on your wall! 

Pearlas Velvet Suede Metallic Paint

A brief history: From fabric to paint

Nobody knows for sure where velvet originated, but we know that the oldest traces of this fabric may date back to the famous Silk Road, which ran through India, Pakistan, and China. It appears that the earliest European velvets were manufactured in Palermo and Venice, replicating the weave of the eastern originals. 

The industrial revolution made this sumptuous material more widely accessible to the general public. 

Fast forward fifty years or so, and velvet was a popular fabric for the groovy-glam interior design styles of the 1970s. Most recently, in the 1990s, velvet was popular in both interior design and fashion. 

Velvet’s opulent beauty, sensuality, and warmth can change a place, which is frequently utilized in interior design projects. We’re not only talking about soft furnishings here; we’re also talking about decorative wall paints. 

Suede-effect paint on interior walls is a great way to enhance a space while also highlighting the walls.

Pearlas Velvet Suede Metallic Paint

Why Choose Suede Metallic Paint?

Suede has traditionally been shown in deep jewel-toned colors, possibly due to its link with luxury and romance. With its recent resurgence, velvet is proven to be more adaptable than in prior applications. 

While suede paints are still available in those enticing core colours, we’re seeing some fantastic new pastel applications in 2021. Suede metallic paints come in a variety of colors and can be used as: 

An accent 

Velvet can add color to a room, but it will also help provide texture and contrast. Add a velvet throw cushion or a blanket to get this look.

Imaginative additions

Use bright colored velvet paints, such as reds, yellows, or pinks, to bring whimsy via colour pops in a playroom or child’s bedroom.

Velvet is now more than ever available in every hue and smoothly translates into several design styles. It works great in bedrooms, office space or living areas. If you’ve been thinking of adding velvets into your space, now is your time!

Meoded’s Pearlas Velvet Metallic Paint Colors

Pearlas Velvet by Meoded is a low VOC decorative metallic finish for interior use. There are two sizes available: a quart and a gallon. This suede metallic finish is intended to offer a soft and vibrant feel to any surface on which it is applied. 

This metallic finish is the perfect choice for individuals looking for a smooth, rich texture on their interior surfaces with a composition of industry-grade materials. It is a pearlescent paint with all of the best qualities. 

Discover how this product’s metallic colours and fine resins can enhance your inner space! Pearlas Velvet adds warmth and class to any interior setting, whether it’s the space between two pillars or a full hotel lobby.

Pearlas Velvet Suede Metallic Paint


Pearlas Velvet™ Suede Metallic Paint is available in white, bronze, silver, gold, brown, red, and gunmetal bases, from which custom colors can be created utilizing universal or machine colorants. Before applying the product, test it in a small area.

Choose from any of our basic colors here, or call us at (323) 308-2600 for custom color requests. Our friendly and experienced staff are always happy to assist with any questions and suggestions. 

Painting your walls with Pearlas Velvet Suede Metallic Paint

To prepare your walls, take note of the following:

Pearlas Velvet may be applied in two thin applications using a trowel. To obtain an organic appearance and a shimmering velvet effect, trowel strokes should be varied. Apply one coat and dry for at least one hour before applying the second coat. 

Apply material in tiny amounts with varying movements with the trowel, and then use a clean trowel to get the required movement throughout the finish. These application modifications will result in matted and rich metallic reflections. Coverage: 50-65 sq ft per quart with two coats, depending on surface and texture.

Pearlas Velvet Suede Metallic Paint

Enhance the Beauty of Your Space

At Meoded, we provide decorative paint finishes and plasters to help you make your project stand out.  Meoded products are the finest choice for decorative wall treatments if you want to convert your area into something beautiful, elegant, or dramatic.

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Plan and obtain professional advice about the layout and design of your project. Whether you’re looking for a bit of inspiration or direction with your Velvet Suede Metallic Paint, the knowledgeable and experienced team at Meoded can help! We know what we’re talking about (particularly when it comes to Velvet Suede Metallic Paint), so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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