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Paint Color Trends for 2018 (And Beyond)

2018 is already here! The new trend in lifestyle is the main concern most people have when a new year begins. The trend sets the mood for a new beginning and every trend starts with color. What colors would be in and which ones would be obsolete in 2018? Check out the video below for the latest paint color trends for 2018!

2018 Paint Color Trends

The color trends as suggested by designers for the next year are bright and striking. The idea is to create a look that is based on neutral browns and whites with a striking splash of color.

The changing lifestyles around the world are being incorporated into designs. Car and house sharing, e-learning, and landlocked cities have given rise to nomadic culture. Translated into paint, metallic paint, glitter paint, and lime plaster have elevated the style and vibe of the home. The concept of wanderlust has also taken a major part in our lifestyles.

Paint Away

Incorporating these lifestyle changes and needs in houses is what changes them into homes. Decorative paint is the answer to all such lifestyle changes. There are varieties of paints available that can achieve the same taste of your home in the New Year.

From glitter paint to metallic paint finish, you can add your personal taste to your home. With surrounding walls, a base color of beige or white, adding a strikingly bright color in glitter would add the right taste to your lounge.

A metallic paint finish can give any surface a shimmery satin look to make it look royal and rich. Meoded’s Sapphire Metallic also comes in a variety of colors and it’s not shabby for people with a rich taste. Wallpaper is also considered a returning trend this year. Try out Meoded’s “liquid wallpaper” Sahara effect! A combination of Sapphire Metallic Paint with added glass beads used to create a shimmering, elegant wallpaper-like finish.

Textures are in!

A Venetian plaster gives a marble-like royalty finish look. You can add this texture to the ceiling in light hues to add that x-factor to any room.

Changing a couple of walls in your home will completely change the energy. You just need to match the wall with lampshades or throw pillows or the rug! You have got yourself an up-to-date, modern room!

Stone Age

Game of Thrones has given people a taste of grey stone houses. How can you bring it to your home? Simple, have your walls coated in Golmex,  for the concrete wall texture. If you decide to have a grey base color then nothing is better than this. Add a striking pink or purple painting and a matching throw for the complete modern look.

Paint Color Trends for 2018 (And Beyond)                         Golmex Concrete Plaster Finish

Make it Homey!

Whatever you decide, the key is making it homey and warm. Your home should reflect your taste and personality. The color trends are the same but differ when it comes to an individual. Different personalities mean different colors and different moods. Add texture and colors to your home. A hint of decorative paint will transform the world!

Have a happy paint day!

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