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What Is Cement Plaster & What Are Its Benefits

Plastering your concrete walls - everything you need to know

Cement plaster and concrete plaster’s rich contribution to the beauty and protection of the surface of walls hardly needs arguing. It can cover the outside and inside of a building, forming a protective layer over stone, brick, and RCC walls and ceilings. Additionally, cement wall plastering effectively levels the wall and ceiling surfaces and can […]

Golmex Concrete Plaster: Experience The Natural Look Of Concrete

Golmex Concrete Plaster is Eco- friendly and easy to apply, making it easier than ever to achieve the sought-after raw concrete look to any space. More than Paint Indisputably, Meoded Paint and Plaster, the premier decorative paint and plaster manufacturer in the USA, offers considerably more than just paint. Founded over 40 years ago by […]

Bar Interior Design with Paint & Plaster Products

No Need for An Expensive Renovation to Restore Your Bar So you’ve been thinking about transforming the interior of your bar. You’ve looked up tons of bar interior design ideas online but you just don’t know how to achieve some of the looks that you’ve seen. That’s where Meoded Paint and Plaster comes in! Renovating […]