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Limewash vs. Traditional Paint: Which Should You Use on Your Walls?

Limewash vs Traditional Paint

“This wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. Either it goes or I do.”Oscar Wilde’s last words Drab wallpaper splayed around our domiciles can be a real downer (it is, after all, what we have to look at most every day). The practice of enhancing surfaces is an ancient one; we’ve just […]

What is Decorative Paint?

Decorative Paint - Pearlas Velvet projects

Using various painting techniques, decorative paint can transform the appearance of almost any surface, whether it’s a bookshelf, table, wall, or ceiling.. Mankind has long felt the need to spruce up their bodies and homes to boost confidence—making themselves look more beautiful or menacing, as the occasion demands. We all want our homes to look […]

Which Decorative Paints Are Used as a Decorative Finish?

Cassiopeia-Decorative-Paint-Meoded Paint and Plaster

If you want to spice up your life by ringing the changes, a coat of paint on the walls can be as dramatic as a new haircut and a spot of extravagant retail therapy after a devastating breakup. But don’t stop there. Why go back to the basics when, with all the different types of […]

Use Glitter Paint to Transform Your Space

Crystal Brush Glitter Paint

Glitter Paint that Truly Sparkles At Meoded Paint and Plaster, we created a glitter paint that’s called Crystal Brush. Crystal Brush has turned into one of our more popular items. The popular glitter paint is used to transform interior surfaces by helping them glisten and sparkle, and to add that WOW factor that you are […]

Making a Bold Statement With Metallic Paint

Pink Suede Metallic Paint

If you’re looking to add something rich, vibrant, and spectacularly elegant to any space, perhaps metallic paint is the solution. Create depth and vibrance Give new love to a dull wall and bring a dead space to life. Transform spaces with a splash of dazzling elegance. Metallic paint finishes bring an element of sophistication that […]

Venetian Plaster: The Timelessly, Decadent, Durable Plaster

Have you ever found yourself in a space that craves more elegance? Have you ever seen a plain, boring wall yearning to be softer, smoother, and richer in color and texture? Venetian Plaster might be exactly what you are looking for.    See Color in a Whole New Light Any lover of interior design or […]

Paint Color Trends for 2018 (And Beyond)

Paint Color Trends for 2018 (And Beyond)

2018 is already here! The new trend in lifestyle is the main concern most people have when a new year begins. The trend sets the mood for a new beginning and every trend starts with color. What colors would be in and which ones would be obsolete in 2018? Check out the video below for […]

The Benefits of Lime Plasters

The Benefits of Lime Plasters

Lime plasters are one of those types of plasters that were invented centuries ago but are still in use today just as much as they were when they were first invented. This type of plaster is composed of sand, lime, and water allowing the plaster to breathe in humid areas due to its natural components. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Marmorino Venetian Plaster

Marmorino Venetian Plaster is one of the oldest and most important inventions in the history of mankind. Over the years, several different types of plasters have made their way into the market – each of which has a different chemical composition and is used for a completely different texture altogether. While there are many different […]