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Modern Plaster Walls Make A Comeback

The pandemic saw a massive increase in people working remotely. The convenience of being home-based also saw a reawakening of a love for DIY home projects. Although workers are slowly making their way back to the office, many continue to enjoy the magic of DIY home projects, gardening, and handicrafts. Could this trend explain why […]

Thinking About Plastering Your Concrete Walls?
Here’s What You Need To Know

Golmex Concrete Plaster

Plastering a concrete surface involves adding lean mortar to enhance the appearance of the surface. Concrete surfaces such as thick concrete, low-weight concrete, and mixed concrete are plastered using various methods. This article will give you all the information needed about plastering your concrete walls. We will discuss the basic process for plastering on concrete, […]

The Benefits of Lime Plasters

Lime plasters are one of those types of plasters that were invented centuries ago but are still in use today just as much as they were when they were first invented. This type of plaster is composed of sand, lime, and water allowing the plaster to breathe in humid areas due to its natural components. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Marmorino Venetian Plaster

Marmorino Venetian Plaster is one of the oldest and most important inventions in the history of mankind. Over the years, several different types of plasters have made their way into the market – each of which has a different chemical composition and is used for a completely different texture altogether. While there are many different […]

Modern Trends in Lime Plaster

Lime Plaster has been used in construction and art for centuries. The history of lime plaster dates back to around 7500 BC when people in Jordan used to mix crushed limestone with lime to cover walls, floors, and various art projects. As you might have expected, plaster has come a long way since then and […]

The Beautiful Decor of Venetian Plasters

 Enhance Your Surroundings Someday, you’ll pass your walls in your home like you always do and suddenly realize that it is time to do something about these plain-looking walls. Venetian plasters, for instance, is a wall and ceiling paint finish that corporate the smooth look of polished marble and natural stone to create a smooth […]