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Feeling Faux? How to Perfect the Suede Metallic Finish with Pearlas Velvet

While faux painting may seem like a contemporary design trend, you may be surprised to learn that it dates back to ancient Egypt, when stucco and Venetian plaster finishes first gained popularity.  Faux finishes were employed to alter the look of tombs and cave walls. Nowadays, homeowners typically select different imitation finishes when upgrading their interior decor. In this […]

Increase the Value of Your Home With Venetian Plaster

A renovation or remodel is often one of the first things on your to-do list if you are trying to increase the value of your home to sell your property or simply considering long-term resale potential. By renovating a few walls, you can upgrade the look and feel of the house, which may cause the […]

Embrace Your Cool Side: Create a Natural Concrete Atmosphere with Golmex Concrete Plaster

Concrete Atmosphere with Golmex Concrete Plaster

A couple of months into 2022, we’ve already seen a few polarizing design trends, such as a natural concrete atmosphere, emerge!   We’ve previously discussed how to maximize the impact of metallic paint finishes, but now it’s time to discuss a trend on the other side of the aesthetic spectrum.  The natural concrete trend is ready to infuse your […]

Create A Natural Stone Finish With Venetian Plaster

Venetian polished plaster oozes pure elegance and class…but then again, anything involving artisan skill and truly fascinating history will always be viewed as something exclusive!  This is particularly true in the case of polished plaster, an intricate form of plastering capable of achieving the most sumptuous appeal. The main effect of polished plaster is to mirror natural stone finishes such […]

Exclusive Venetian Plaster Wall Textures

Stucco Lamundo Venetian Plaster

Of the many ways to introduce texture to the walls of your home, Venetian plaster wall textures are certainly one of the most elegant yet long-lasting finishes.  A combination of material and application techniques produces a tactile quality, but unlike traditional paint finishes, the liquid paste, putty-like material is applied to surfaces using a trowel and brush spatula in numerous different ways […]

Jazz up your space with Pearlas Velvet Suede Metallic Paint

Trends tend to repeat themselves…and we have no complaints about the latest fad that is making a comeback. Yes, the velvet paint finish is back and better than ever — and it’s all over our walls! When viewed head-on, velvet paint can resemble a Venetian Plaster; however, they have a subtle metallic sheen and a soft rich texture.  […]

Marmorino Plaster Application Guide

Marmorino Plaster Application Guide

Marmorino is a lime plaster that is easy to apply on interior/exterior surfaces. It may be used to produce stunning polished or textured stone effects with smooth matte to deep textures.  Venetian plaster, also known as Marmorino in Italian, is a classic Italian wall plaster that has gained international acclaim for its exceptional aesthetic value. It […]

The Magic of 3D Wall Panels

The Magic of 3D Wall Panels

Texture, pattern, bright or white – things are getting exciting, and we’re sprucing up our walls once again! 3D wall panels provide some of the most incredible options in modern and stylish wall décor, transforming your walls into unique works of art. This is a product that can potentially boost the value of your property and […]