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Turn Your Home into a Palace with Venetian Plaster

Turn Your Home into a Palace with Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster has stood the test of time, captivating homeowners with its elegance and sophistication for centuries. If you’re on a quest to transform your living space into the best place with a method that has been proven over centuries, then Venetian plaster should be your first port of call. With an enduring appeal, this […]

Meoded Paint & Plaster Executes Exquisite Finishes on RH Modern Los Angeles

RH Modern Los Angeles

Over two decades ago, Meoded Paint and Plaster was conceived, basing their core essence on the Italian Renaissance and the enduring magnificence of Venetian plasters. Today, Meoded is renowned as the top manufacturer of genuine lime-based, zero-VOC wet decorative plasters and low-VOC decorative paints in the United States. Raising the bar for the industry standard […]

The Art of Plastering Walls: A Beginner’s Guide

Transforming Your Walls with Plaster

In this article, we’ve set out to explore the rich and colorful world of plastering and how it can transform your walls from drab to fab. How often do you consider the walls around you — these consistent, concrete backgrounds to our everyday lives? The walls that surround you, much like the body that contains […]

How to Apply Venetian Plaster to Shower Walls

How to Apply Plaster to Shower Walls

If you’ve ever thought about the prospect of never having to scrape mold, mildew, or any other kind of dirt out of the grout in your bathroom tiles, you should know that there is a possibility of this option! Plastering the shower walls is the solution that you have been looking for. Many of our […]

Modern Plaster Walls Make A Comeback

The pandemic saw a massive increase in people working remotely. The convenience of being home-based also saw a reawakening of a love for DIY home projects. Although workers are slowly making their way back to the office, many continue to enjoy the magic of DIY home projects, gardening, and handicrafts. Could this trend explain why […]

Thinking About Plastering Your Concrete Walls?
Here’s What You Need To Know

Golmex Concrete Plaster

Plastering a concrete surface involves adding lean mortar to enhance the appearance of the surface. Concrete surfaces such as thick concrete, low-weight concrete, and mixed concrete are plastered using various methods. This article will give you all the information needed about plastering your concrete walls. We will discuss the basic process for plastering on concrete, […]

Venetian Plaster 101: Everything You Need To Know

Venetian Plaster 101

Have you ever been to Venice, Italy? Or perhaps you’ve seen some fantastic movies or pictures of the beautiful city? If you have, you will notice that it has an antique feel and outstanding architectural styles. So, the widespread adoption of one of Venice’s most iconic decorative styles, namely Venetian Plaster,  for walls and floors […]

How To Apply A Venetian Plaster Wall Finish

How To Apply A Venetian Plaster Wall Finish

The Venetian plaster wall finish technique is regarded as one of the most sumptuous and beautiful interior applications.  As the name implies, this method originated in ancient Rome, when the skill of plastering reached new heights with the advent of multi-layered plastering.  Through two millennia, this procedure remained largely unaltered. During the Italian Renaissance, this […]

The Problem With Texture and How to Solve it

The Problem With Texture and How to Solve it

It’s almost insane how something as simple as texture can completely transform a space. It can draw the fine line between calm sophistication, energetic vibrance, or melancholy moodiness. It is clear to most that color can create a mood; but too often the texture is overlooked. It can be an equally important factor in achieving […]