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How To Apply A Venetian Plaster Wall Finish

How To Apply A Venetian Plaster Wall Finish

The Venetian plaster wall finish technique is regarded as one of the most sumptuous and beautiful interior applications.  As the name implies, this method originated in ancient Rome, when the skill of plastering reached new heights with the advent of multi-layered plastering.  Through two millennia, this procedure remained largely unaltered. During the Italian Renaissance, this […]

Spark Joy with Glitter Wall Paint

Spark Joy with Glitter Wall Paint

Everyone has come across them at some stage or admired them from afar – sparkly glitter wall paint have been used to adorn various hotels and modern venues around the globe for many years.  What if we told you that you could create the same dazzling, glistening effect in your own home? Accent walls, whether […]

Use Glitter Paint to Transform Your Space

Crystal Brush Glitter Paint

Glitter Paint that Truly Sparkles At Meoded Paint and Plaster, we created a glitter paint that’s called Crystal Brush. Crystal Brush has turned into one of our more popular items. The popular glitter paint is used to transform interior surfaces by helping them glisten and sparkle, and to add that WOW factor that you are […]

Golmex Concrete Plaster: Experience the Natural Look of Concrete

Golmex Concrete Plaster Textures

Golmex Concrete Plaster is Eco- friendly and easy to apply, making it easier than ever to achieve the sought-after raw concrete look to any space. More than Paint Indisputably, Meoded Paint and Plaster, the premier decorative paint and plaster manufacturer in the USA, offers considerably more than just paint. Founded over 40 years ago by […]

The Problem With Texture and How to Solve it

The Problem With Texture and How to Solve it

It’s almost insane how something as simple as texture can completely transform a space. It can draw the fine line between calm sophistication, energetic vibrance, or melancholy moodiness. It is clear to most that color can create a mood; but too often the texture is overlooked. It can be an equally important factor in achieving […]

Venetian Plaster: The Timelessly, Decadent, Durable Plaster

Have you ever found yourself in a space that craves more elegance? Have you ever seen a plain, boring wall yearning to be softer, smoother, and richer in color and texture? Venetian Plaster might be exactly what you are looking for.    See Color in a Whole New Light Any lover of interior design or […]

Paint Color Trends for 2018 (And Beyond)

Paint Color Trends for 2018 (And Beyond)

2018 is already here! The new trend in lifestyle is the main concern most people have when a new year begins. The trend sets the mood for a new beginning and every trend starts with color. What colors would be in and which ones would be obsolete in 2018? Check out the video below for […]

The Benefits of Lime Plasters

The Benefits of Lime Plasters

Lime plasters are one of those types of plasters that were invented centuries ago but are still in use today just as much as they were when they were first invented. This type of plaster is composed of sand, lime, and water allowing the plaster to breathe in humid areas due to its natural components. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Marmorino Venetian Plaster

Marmorino Venetian Plaster is one of the oldest and most important inventions in the history of mankind. Over the years, several different types of plasters have made their way into the market – each of which has a different chemical composition and is used for a completely different texture altogether. While there are many different […]