Decorative Paints

Decorative Paint Finishes

Meoded offers a wide array of decorative paint finishes ranging from metallic, suede, and glitter paints.

We know how to add grace while coloring your home walls with paint that compliments any surface. We add elegance to your space with our easy-to-use decorative paints!

All of Meoded’s decorative paints are Low VOC.

Sapphire Metallic is a unique metallic paint used for both interior and exterior applications.

Crystal Brush is our glitter paint that can be applied to any interior surface to bring a rich and sparkling texture to your walls.

Pearlas Velvet is a trowel-applied metallic plaster that can be applied to any level 5 interior surface.

To add an extravagant sparkling look, we created our Cassiopeia which is composed of an elastomeric base coated with clear crushed glass flakes.

From the colors to the texture, we are professionally involved with our clients to deliver results that leave you 100% satisfied.

Decorative Paint Manufacturers

Meoded takes pride in being the sole American manufacturer making high-end Low VOC decorative paints that can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Decorative Textured Paint

You can use our product line of decorative paint to give your home or office a new look.

Whether you want a modern industrial look or one inspired by the Renaissance period, our products can help you accomplish this.

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